New ‘Dragon’s Crown’ screens show off the sorceress class

A new set of screenshots have been posted by Atlus Japan for the upcoming Playstation 3 and Playstation Vita video game from Vanillaware, “Dragon’s Crown.”

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Godmars2901568d ago

Why has it taken so long to get this game out? It was announced Five, six, years ago?

Inception1568d ago

It announced two years ago at E3 2011. But Ignition Games, as the publisher, don't have the guts to continue their support for Vanillaware. So in april 2012, Atlus taking over the publishing duties from Ignition and gave some of their key member to help Vanillaware finish this game. It will release this year on 25th july for japan and 6 august for US.

Hicken1568d ago

Has it been that long? I only remember as far back as maybe 2010.

miyamoto1567d ago

Yup, Dragon's can't come too soon.

himdeel1568d ago

New ‘Dragon’s Crown’ screens show off the sorceress ass?

No, well no clicks for you examiner!

Mounce1568d ago

I heard the breasts have its own physics engine built into them.

-Falaut-1568d ago

...casting some sort of milk related spell?

MilkMan1568d ago

Cant wait to fap...I mean, play this game.
They never let me down. ;)

stuntman_mike1568d ago

nearly poked my eye out looking at those pics.

porkChop1568d ago

You must have a freakishly small torso.

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The story is too old to be commented.