BF4 Beta For All Premiums

If you have Premium you can watch the final video that gives a clear answer to the fact that you will be in the Battlefield 4 Beta.

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Sandmano1897d ago (Edited 1897d ago )

I hope it's at least two weeks before it goes public.

Spinal1897d ago

Well guess I'm in the beta then :)

I just hope to the high heavens that they stop using battle log or atleast have an in game server browser.

Sandmano1897d ago

Agreed. Hate battle log.

KwietStorm1897d ago

Pppff not when they can promote their own BS.

PixelJudge1897d ago

Actually that's a good point. Because those who pre-order BF4 might get an earlier access but that's me only speculating.

AutoCad1897d ago

nice..cant wait to try it out.

Neko_Mega1897d ago

So wait?? If I downloaded my friends premium on my system and use it on my account. Does that mean I get it too? lol most likely not but I can watch that video.

Skate-AK1897d ago

Well if he downloads the beta you could go to his list and download it just like you did premium.

sovietsoldier1897d ago

i have moh bf3 limited edition and i am premium so im good alround.

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