Brazilian gamers bought Wiis for the price of US$ 14

Brazilian gamers reported in the forum UOL Jogos that they bought Wiis for the price of 14 dollars in the online store Magazine Luiza in a error of the site. Some users have already received. But the error has been fixed.

Wow, nice price for a Wii.

But in compensation, unfortunately the official price of the Wii in the country is approximately 1200 dollars.

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YoMeViet3755d ago

$1200 USD??!!! Whoa now that's horrible. Lucky guy getting it for $14, man I wonder if he would sell it back to me for $20...

Monteblanco3754d ago

Actually, the Wii is selling for about US$ 1,000 in Brazil.

jinn3754d ago

$1200? u could buy all three systems instead

Hellgiver3754d ago

I don't know what's more amazing, the 1200 USD part or the 14 USD part.

arakouftaian3754d ago

im from venezuela and everyting is soo expencive there well know i live in the us and eveyrting is so cheap here the only expencive thign is teh gas, down tehre in venezuela i can full a tank for $5 here i need abouth more than $50 and some car need to spend for a full thank over $60, i hope the world get equal and eveyrting get chip for everybody 2 have a bether life. meybe someday...

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The story is too old to be commented.