GameSpy reviews Sam & Max: Season Two: Episode 4: Chariot of the Dogs

When a long-running series has a misfire -- let's call it a "Spock's Brain" moment -- there's always the danger that the poor outing isn't just a hiccup but the moment when it jumps the shark. After the disappointment of Night of the Raving Dead, the most recent episode of our favorite dog detective and his hyper-violent rabbity-thing sidekick's series of adventure games, there was probably a lot of pressure for the developers at Telltale Games to get the series back on track. Fortunately, Episode 4 of Sam and Max's latest season (Chariot of the Dogs) does just that. The game's missing some of its satirical edge, but that's pretty forgivable when the episode's script is the funniest since Season One's Abe Lincoln Must Die! and includes some of the most enjoyable puzzles to date.

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