Survey shows half of U.S. teen gamers intend to buy PS4 or Xbox 720

XMNR: new survey we ran across Thursday from analysts at Piper Jaffray & Co. looks at the spending habit of teenagers in the United States showed some surprising indicators for the next-gen Playstation 4 and Xbox (aka Xbox 720) consoles that may help get the games industry out of its current sales funk.

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Donnieboi1776d ago

Yeah but will their mommy agree to pay for it? Lol.

NYC_Gamer1776d ago

There are a lot of spoiled teens now days walking around with all kinds of expensive things

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AO1JMM1776d ago

Not a teen but I plan on buying a PS4 and 720.

MaxXAttaxX1776d ago

What does that even mean.

Cueil1776d ago

@NathanExplosion it means he isn't allowing irrational bias prevent him from enjoying games on both systems. He's not going to lie to himself and say he doesn't want to play Ucharted or that Halo is crap he's going to play both franchises

MRMagoo1231776d ago


What if he does think halo is crap ? he might just be getting incase MS actually brings out a new game besides GeOW or halo.

MaxXAttaxX1776d ago (Edited 1776d ago )

That's not what a "real gamer" means.
Whether you're biased or not, your enjoyment of a game is dependent on more than one factor.

You don't need to buy every system and system exclusive game to be a gamer.
What you guys are saying is that even if someone is a dedicated gamer and plays dozens or hundreds of core games to completion IS NOT a real gamer unless he can afford the other system and/or enjoy specific exclusive games from that system?
Get out of here with that.

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USMC_POLICE1776d ago

Ps4 all ready got a Wii u

Jek_Porkins1776d ago

I'm not a teen, but I have a lot of gaming friends here in the states and I'd say around 50% of them will get a new console this year, I know I am, maybe two, depends on what these things look like, cost, and the games.

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The story is too old to be commented.