New Gorgeous Screenshots For Project CARS

DSOGaming writes: "Slightly Mad Studios has released a new set of stunning community screenshots for its upcoming graphically-amazing-man-look-a t-those-shaders-oh-I-want-to-pl ay-it-but-it-is-not-coming-anyt ime-soon-so-let-us-forget-about -it racer, Project CARS."

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skipper1590d ago

I like the way it looks on Wii U. Check this out.
Great use of the gamepad.

gedden71590d ago

We all know its gonna look better than that!

iplay1up21590d ago

That is pretty cool. Vita support I wonder? Here is a link that blows those pics out of the water. Why pics when we can see this?

FlameBaitGod1590d ago

The control screen should of had the cars gauges and tire wear

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gedden71590d ago

So are these PC, Wii U, or Xbox/PS3??

cyguration1590d ago


All the screenshots and video are from alpha builds taken by players actually playing the game.

mcstorm1590d ago

Im looking forward to this game and im getting the Wiiu version because I want to see what the Wiiu ia like for a sin game. I do think it will be interesting to see how this sells as it looks like the next Xbox will have forza 5 and the ps4 will have drive club to go up against this game.

sprinterboy1590d ago

With no PS3/360/Wii U footage shown yet, my expectations for a console purchase are not high, will be another BF scenario where PC version looked gorgeous and consoles still looking good but not what I was hoping for.