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PS3 Firmware 4.40 the cause of freezing issues, controller problems and broken consoles?

Many complaints about issues since the Firmware 4.40 update but Sony remains silent. (PS3, Sony)

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Dark_Overlord  +   958d ago
This update actually improved the stability for me, have far less crashes now and also the XMB has sped back up for me, so I'm happy with it :)

I'm not implying these people are lying though, as I myself have had FW problems in the past that others didn't have (All video playback disabled was annoying as hell >:( )

I'm sure we'll see 4.41 at some point and then another article about others with problems, its just the way it goes.

EDIT - Though thinking about it, just recently my internet connection does randomly cut out once every so often, but I can't wholeheartedly say that its the PS3 especially with the crappy routers Virgin hand out.
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Highlife  +   958d ago
The only problem that I have had on the system is Bugrim....
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kevnb  +   958d ago
lol, glad I got it on pc. Ni No Kuni works perfect for me though :).
Ritsujun  +   957d ago
Never had any freezing issues SINCE Fallout: New Vegasucks.
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decrypt  +   957d ago
So why dont people just roll back to the old firmware.
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NukaCola  +   958d ago
My screen's been flickering and bioshock froze. Also the PS3 has been running a little harder. I thought it was an error or coincidence but I also think I got a shotty code the free bioshock theme. I dunno but I deleted it and things seem better. First weird ps3 thing to freak me out.
thechosenone  +   958d ago
I've had absolutely no problems with it at all.
madpuppy  +   958d ago
"I've had absolutely no problems with it at all."

neither my fat or slim.
Dropdeadll  +   958d ago
My internet has also just started randomly cutting out.
Dark_Overlord  +   958d ago
Are you with Virgin Media too?
onyoursistersback  +   958d ago
well that could be the issue i have with my controller?!
its only like a year old (camo controller) and it disconnects for the ps3 and the battery dies much faster then any of my old controllers?
all my issues have happen just this week...
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kreate  +   958d ago
I have 2 ps3 so I can boost myself. Neither console have any problem though.

Wonder why other ppl have problems o_O;
Dark_Overlord  +   958d ago
Its the same with any piece of software, one slight differentiation in configuration can cause unexpected errors for 1 person, whereas another may never encounter any problems :)
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DeletedAcc  +   958d ago
My ps3 was broken after this update

My whole data were deleted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Godmars290  +   958d ago
If there are issues, since I haven't had any, why has it taken to long for a story like this to come out about it?
Minato-Namikaze  +   958d ago
Cause its not really many (as it relates to the install base) probably a couple thousand
contradictory  +   958d ago
i've noticed some performance issues on my current ps3
which i bought two years ago
also Darksiders II froze just the other day...
...is this the reason??? :O
Catoplepas  +   958d ago
Darksiders II is notoriously glitchy. I doubt your PS3 is a fault in this particular case.
GamerzElite  +   958d ago
I don't know what firmware I downloaded and installed. But after 2-3 days of that crap FW, my Ps3 stop working. When i press the on button, it turn into green (like always) but after 3-5 sec it turn off. And now its in service center and after 1 week, I am waiting for my console. By the way its super slim model (I have 1 slim too, and that beast never give me any hicups or trouble) http://tinypic.com/r/ubihu/...
Here is copy of my Job Sheet, I knew that most of people not gonna believe me. And I bought it on 19-11-2012 and that stupid sony executive entered 2011. I am a gamer not a employee of sony/XBox. If any console will give me shit then I will admit it in public.
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pixelsword  +   958d ago
You don't have to go that far. You could invite some boys over your house and show them, and they won't believe you.

If it's true, it's true: if you're lying, you'll eventually be found out if you don't confess first.
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Oh_Yeah  +   958d ago
I'd say it's very likely your fan connector came loose, that's what happens, if it powers up then shuts down like that it's preventing it from frying...could of saved yourself some money and time man. Just open it up and plug it back in.
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Bladesfist  +   958d ago
Yep, I wonder why consoles dont have POST error messages.
andrewsqual  +   958d ago
Lol nope. From working in a retail store, that happens to be in a town of a majority of Playstation owners, I can say without a doubt that every single one of these articles over the years are absolute bullshit.
We have the kind of customers who always came back over the littlest of things because they know that I know how to sort them out, be it a PS3 freezing or whatever. And nobody's PS3 ever had a problem after just installing a FW. Its completely absurd and fabricated shit.
kneon  +   958d ago
With nearly 80 million devices to update it is guaranteed that some will fail soon after they update. But it has nothing to do with the firmware, it's just that even if only 1% fail each year that is still over 2000 per day.
TheRealHeisenberg  +   958d ago
Cool story bro.

Edit: No issues with any of my three PS3s.
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jcnba28  +   958d ago
It happened to my PS3 as well so stop acting like a fanboy, it's obviously a real issue.
SeanScythe  +   958d ago
Weird my slim PS3 has been locking up and the other day I turned it on and it stuck on the warning screen that shows when the PS3 first powers on.... I hope nothing is wrong that will cause my system to die. I lost my beloved 60gig that I got at launch, lasted little over 4 years.
belac09  +   958d ago
DarkZane  +   958d ago
It's not the cause, just like any other FW before wasn't the cause of any of those problems, just like a game isn't a cause of a ps3 dying or freezing.

People just tend to blame this on a the new firmware because by pure coincidence, they updated just before their ps3 died or they blame a game for their ps3 dying, which of course is also pure coincidence.

I remember when people blamed FF13, L.A Noire or other games for their ps3 dying when really, it had nothing to do with those.
bangshi  +   958d ago
Have to agree with this.

Unless you see thousands of people going mental on forums it is just going to be down to 'natural' failures for other reasons/old age.

People get a bit paranoid when an update happens.

I QA software for a living and the amount of times a release goes live and people bring up existing known about bugs as if they were introduced in the latest release is staggering.
b_one  +   958d ago
nothing wrong happen to mine ps3...
ajax17  +   958d ago
I haven't had any problems.
pixelsword  +   958d ago
Don't you turn yours on with a flute?
US8F   958d ago | Trolling | show
Kurisu  +   958d ago
I've been having some freezing issues with god of war ascension since I've updated firmware, I'm not sure if it's just a coincidence at all. It's only that game that it's happened to me for so maybe it's just an issue on the disc...hope it doesn't happen again though as I hate having to unplug the PS3 without powering it down properly...always expect to see it brick when I try and switch it back on :/
moegooner88  +   958d ago
Instead of unplugging it, try pressing the main power button (resetting), until you hear two beeps, and light turns from green to red. I remember GOWA freezing on me just once, when I tried to access the XMB, while in game.
Kurisu  +   957d ago
I tried that first, but nothing happened. The whole console had well and truly frozen.
majedx9  +   958d ago
my lunch 60GB PS3 died last night ;( after six years.
mayberry  +   958d ago
Sorry it died! My launch 60G has Me worried too, these winter months are fine, its the summer months that get me worried. My system Is on at least 6+ hrs A day, And the fan gets faster every summer! I keep saying I will be proactive and do the thermal paste application to the cpu. This thing is A beast so far!
MrDead  +   958d ago
Give it a good cleanout and apply the paste.

My Fat 60gig was getting loud so last year I took it to bits got some compressed air cleaner and some good quality paste and set to work. My PS3 is now back to silent running.

It's like a PC it needs some TLC every so often.

As for the 4.40 update everything is working fine.
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Pillsbury1  +   958d ago
I know the feeling, had a fat ps3 40gb upgraded to 500gb YLOD. Fixed it bought a supers slim ass creed 3 bundle ps3 and sold fat ps3 on ebay for same price as the new slim ps3.
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DarkAzureIIIX  +   958d ago
I have a 80 bw ps3, it seemed to died, YLOD, but all I had to do was to vacuum it out through the vents Like it says in the manual. started right up :)
pixelsword  +   958d ago
Was it tasty?
SeanScythe  +   958d ago
I know that feeling bro, mine lasted a little over 4 years.
belac09  +   958d ago
i have one of those 40 GB fat ps3's, it has lasted me 5 years now. it still works like new.
mwjw696  +   958d ago
My friend just bought a White brand new PS3 last month. Soon as the patch was downloaded he could not Install anything over 1gig. He could download anything he wanted but it would always say data corrupt.

Tried it again this week when he brought it over to my house. Now nothing will install no matter the size. Sony keeps giving him the run around... blah blah blah its his fault or bad internet connection. Sorry to tell Sony but its not we both have 50mb connections and check them for packet loss once a week.

He is trading it in now after he saw the article. Whats the use of a software bricked console. Just going save the money back for the next gen.
Adva  +   958d ago
Trading it? How about exchange it for a new one. Your friend could have a faulty model.
dp277407  +   958d ago
I had this problem although it was when i changed the harddrive in my fat ps3 to upgrade it, something went wrong when it was being formatted or the firmware file I used needed to be redownloaded but I fixed it by redoing it again.
Hicken  +   958d ago
Such a trolling comment. It's utterly stupid to trade in a brand new console over an issue that's fully covered by a warranty. Especially after seeing some random-ass article on the internet.

Sony's giving you the runaround? Probably because you haven't even called them. Probably because your friend doesn't have a white PS3.

Not one word of your comment rings true.
towelie1288   958d ago | Immature | show
mwjw696  +   958d ago
Why keep a broken system? He has done everything from format the drive to complete system whipes. Nothing worked, he tried EVERYTHING and more. Why wait months for Sony to admit there problem and fix it. They also would not take it for repairs even under warenty. All 3 techs he talked to said it was his issue alone and there was nuthing more they could do. Cry all you want fanboy but that PS3 is gone. It will have been his 4th and last PS3.

PS: why lie about this issue, what do I stand to gain on this site? Admiration of all the Sony lossers that get butthurt every single time Sony fucks up and anyone dares to call them on it. Fuck what you think go back to hugging your PS3 foreversonyalone.
Tultras  +   958d ago
maybe the download was corrupt?
nosferatuzodd  +   957d ago
PS: why lie about this issue, what do I stand to gain on this site? Admiration of all the Sony lossers that get butthurt every single time Sony fucks up and anyone dares to call them on it. Fuck what you think go back to hugging your PS3 foreversonyalone.

It's not that no one believe you it's just that the way you told the story sound like a a Hollywood special effect movie
A white ps3 a month ago software updat and nothing over a gig can be downloaded . Maybe what you're saying is true then again
Trolls are very creative.
When costomers got red ring on their Xbox they send it in are bring it back to the
Store why didn't youre so called friend send it in or bring it back
Sony give him blah blah blah is that so
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extermin8or  +   958d ago
EVERY time a firmware is released a small portion of users blame any issues they encounter after it's release on the update- thing is any issues with the update would more widely effect users... So the firmware is not the cause as most people are fine.
thebudgetgamer  +   958d ago
Well Like I stated in my comment below, two of my Dualshocks died the same day in the same way.
extermin8or  +   958d ago
ummm that doesn't mean anything lol other than their deaths was lkiely due to how you treated them, used them, stored them ec. For it to be the firmware a very large % of all consoles sold would be breaking and all due to the same or similar causes...
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thebudgetgamer  +   958d ago
I treat things very carefully, two controllers dying within minutes of each other with the exact same issues is not something that just happens.
extermin8or  +   958d ago
no but if it were the firmware it would have happened to pretty much everyone... Each console isn't unique it's made as part of a batch- each batch should be pretty much identical, each ps3 of the same model type will run code the same way therefore if a firmware is faulty then it would break almost everyones ps3. I guess if your ps3 had a fault that mean that it wasn't running the new code properly then that might cause breakages- but even so that's the ps3 having a fault that Sony can't see before releasing the firmware for everyone-out of interest what is wrong with them? :p
peowpeow  +   958d ago
Not necessarily. There's many variables such as save games on the HDD, games that conflict at certain points etc.
It's why for graphics card drivers, a few experience problems whilst the majority says it's fine
nix  +   958d ago
well.. my fat ps3 died on me (it blinks red light right after i switch it on) a week back... according to forum posts it says it's a heat problem. i'm gonna try opening it up cleaning the vent. if it doesn't then i'm screwed.
barb_wire  +   958d ago
You'll be amazed about how much dust is inside it too..

My launch PS3 died 2yrs ago.. I was pissed, still have it sitting in it's box, never did get around to getting it fixed after cleaning out all the dust.
pixelsword  +   958d ago
I got mine next to my thin PS3 because I plan on returning to my demon souls game that I'm almost finished with to get a platinum.
SonyAddict  +   958d ago
I'm on my 8th ps3 console now and I have had freezing problems on all of them since ps3 came out!,lol you would think I would have learned my lesson by now..I'm currently saving for an awesome gaming rig but as my name state's I'm a sony addict.
Pillsbury1  +   958d ago
Just bad luck. I've had ps1, ps2 and ps3 have not had issues until my ps3 40gb fat died on me. It happens, that's technology.
FITgamer  +   958d ago
8? I've had one with no issues. There is this thing called "maintenance" and amazingly it works.
DivineAssault  +   958d ago
i havent had any problems.. that does suck tho
Jek_Porkins  +   958d ago
Mine freezes during God Of War Ascension, could be the game? I don't know anyone else who has the game, but the game freezes up when fighting bosses, but I can still pause it or choose to go back to a previous check point. Could this be an issue from the update?
Bathyj  +   958d ago
Ive never had a freeze, but Ascension has some weird sound glitches.
Jek_Porkins  +   958d ago
Mine freezes when I'm fighting bosses and the "Saving" symbol pops up, I cant do anything for like 5 minutes, happened like 10 times or so.
thebudgetgamer  +   958d ago
I had two controllers fail on me on the same day in the exact same way. Everything right of the home button doesn't work.
GetSnooked  +   958d ago
Hopefully it all works out and you get them both working again :)
PersonMan  +   958d ago
Mine has been fine. What's the deal?
Zerotino  +   958d ago
Can't say I've had trouble with mine. Granted it froze once and randomly quit my game. But do I blame the FW? No, just a coincidence.
TheRacingX  +   958d ago
This may be a bit off topic, but has SONY been quietly fixing the move controller issues? mine used to drift horribly, to the point I gave up trying to play shooters with it.... a couple of days ago, I was bored and tried Goldeneye with the move again, and it was ridiculously spot on and accurate....before it sucked it hard... wondering if sony has quietly tried to fix this, because I called their CS dept a while back and they acted surprised like they never heard of this problem and I was nuts....
KwietStorm  +   958d ago
First I'm hearing of it.
blackberty  +   958d ago
I have noticed my PS3 is freezing a lot more since update, and controller randomly locking up and having to re-sync it.

Doesn't happen all the time but it happens at least 1-2 times a week.
jcnba28  +   958d ago
Damn this does not look good for sony..
0pie  +   958d ago
nothing on my side, i guess im lucky?
ziggurcat  +   958d ago
how old is this FW?
Evil_Ryu  +   958d ago
This is why you buy a Xbox..so you have the best operating system company working on the on the software
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GetSnooked  +   958d ago
Please don't start this...
Evil_Ryu  +   958d ago
your right, i apologize
BrianC6234  +   958d ago
Bwahaha. Too funny. On Tuesday I did some Windows 7 updates. Today I read one of them was crashing computers left and right so the update was removed and Microsoft said remove it. It didn't crash my computer but you're an idiot if you think Microsoft is any better.
GetSnooked  +   958d ago
Dude, he apologised. Don't be a jerk.
Sharius  +   958d ago
Wow 4.40 already?

I set my ps3 on auto update so for the long time i dont care about the FW anymore
profgerbik  +   958d ago
Still using a phatty and literally nothing has happened yet, haven't experienced any of these problems at all.. Seems like this is some rubbish article trying to down talk PSN again.

All lord here come all the XBL and Nintendo fans boys, Nintendo people got some nerve and so do XBL people, I ain't paying shit for this, you are paying 60 bucks to use your own internet and Nintendo fans should not have a single shit to say when it comes to online.. Sorry.

So why even bother?

I would rather deal with downtime and issues than be suckered to pay to use my own god damn internet. That I already pay out the ass for.

Oddly though my PS3 has been working perfectly fine so I have no clue what this guy is talking about.
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Skate-AK  +   958d ago
Was playing Labyrinth Legends last night and the game crashed and went straight to the XMB. Thats the only thing I have noticed.
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