Missing Marine Found Dead… COD4 May Have Triggered Combat Flashback

A badly-wounded Iraq War veteran, missing since February, has been found dead inside a culvert in Charlotte County, Florida, according to Indiana's News and Tribune.

24-year-old Eric Hall, still suffering from grievous combat wounds as well as post-traumatic stress disorder had previously caused a traffic accident in his native Indiana after hallucinating an Iraqi roadblock and may have experienced a flashback of some sort.

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YoMeViet3723d ago (Edited 3723d ago )

I blame the Military Health Care System, I mean just look at all the stories about the Walter Reed Medical Center. Our Soldiers deserve the best of care for what they went through. And this would not had happened if he had received the best of care and attention he needed. Videogames had nothing to do with it, it's just a very easy scapegoat for the time being.

toughNAME3723d ago

Why not criticize both serparately?

DRUDOG3722d ago

While it is easy to condemn the military medical community, it actually starts further up the chain than that. I'm not going into the politics of this. I only hope his family can hope to live with what has happened to their boy. This hits close to home for me and I really hope that none of my fellow N4G gamers (including those of you who get on my last nerve!) never have to go through something like this. Remember our vets!

Highwayman3722d ago

You also have to understand that, while the health care system isn't at it's best. Sometimes folks just don't get better, sometimes war is to much for them. They can never fully adjust to civilian life again. You may put all the blame on the Health care, but know that the Human mind can be a terrible thing. Since I'm A Military Historian, many folks ask me what weapon do I see as the greatest and most devastating. I always answer the Human mind.

killax35633722d ago

This situation is just sad, especially for his family. But Uncle Sam probably should have taken better care of its wounded veterens.

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sak5003723d ago

I remember reading about this guy a while back. That he disappered after playing COD4. So they found him now?

Cat3723d ago

yeah, they found him. :(

c-redz3723d ago

people i mean come on... the video game didnt do anything!!!! our goverment did!!!! i hate when people try to pass the blame

Cat3723d ago

c-redz: I wasn't sad about COD4 being "part" of this, I was sad b/c the guy has PTSD and was found DEAD.

VigorousApathy3723d ago

I was playing Pokemon Red when I had a flashback to the time I used to capture my cat under a plastic bin and then train him to fight other cats in easily narratable, but deadly combat.

sak5003723d ago

I'll give PETA your address.

CaliGamer3723d ago

You're an ass making light of such a situation. So uncalled-for.

REPLOID243723d ago

for those comments alone. you are probably just a kid judging by the way you act before you think.

VigorousApathy3723d ago

Calm down. People die all the time. If you want to do something about it then vote for people who support military healthcare instead of posting about how righteous your indignation is in internet forums.

DRUDOG3722d ago

I would bet anything that you'd be singing a whole different tune if this guy was your son, brother or friend. If you've nothing constructive to say here than why post at all?

VigorousApathy3722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

You make a good point. People who are important to me are more important to me. I'm stunned by your constructive reasoning. I'll never make another joke about anything that someone has died from. That only leaves fairy dust and most of the things in outer space, but I'll make due.

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LastDance3723d ago

man thats horrible! poor guy.

Vip3r3723d ago

Poor guy. Soldiers need more help to treat PTSD when they've come back from Iraq or Afghanistan.