Final Fantasy 7 Remake: 5 Reasons It Won’t Work

"With news coming out every month now it seems regarding the Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster, many Final Fantasy fans are wondering what other games Square-Enix could remaster or even better yet, remake. Looking at it from a straight-forward perspective, a Final Fantasy XII HD Remaster seems the most logical next step." |

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Snookies121923d ago

I just want them to redo the character models, backgrounds, music, etc. They don't have to be realistically proportioned or anything, keep them the same, keep the views, story, and dialogue the same. Just give it a more modern coat of paint. (Kinda like what they did for FF1 and FF2 Anniversary editions, or the DS FFIV). They don't need a completely remade game, it would save them a lot of time and money, and surely sell extremely well. Same goes for FFVI-FFIX. I'd like any of those titles redone...

stragomccloud1923d ago (Edited 1923d ago )

Completely redoing the backgrounds is the part that would cost the most.

I say take the original prerendered background assets, render them in real time, and then redo all of the character models in the originally intended style.

Then redo the cutscenes using the assets they already made for Advent Children.

Bam. Done. And at little cost comparatively.

-Gespenst-1923d ago (Edited 1923d ago )

Yeah, if they were going to do it. The backdrops and camera angles would have to stay the same. I don't even think they'd have to be in real time- just make them much crisper with a few little real-time elements in them.

Also, I can imagine they'd redo the field character sprites / models in the style of the compilation- THAT would be a mistake. Maybe if it were more in the style of the DS version of IV it'd work though- it'd be less dated for a new audience and much closer to the original style. They could of course use the modern proportionate models in battles like they did in the original.

They'd probably feel obliged to include voice-work- Since they have a cast of voice actors for VII and pretty much all their games from the last decade have been voiced. I think this'd be a big mistake though- unless it was just for FMVs perhaps. I even think voices during battles would be pushing it...

Also the music would be redone. This might work quite well with the updated visuals, but they'd have to balance it just right. They might overdo it with the music and it'd clash with the tone and mood of the locales. (A problem the original didn't have)

The thing is, all these minute changes still dramatically change the original, and it's for that reason that I'd rather they didn't do it at all. But I suppose if they did, all of the above would be absolutely ideal. It should be nothing like that wretched Ps3 tech-demo.

Few other things - the story should remain untouched, while the dialogue could perhaps recieve a once over (not completely different, just tightened up). The battle system is troubling me though. I feel if they left it the way it is it'd keep the experience cohesive. I think a crisis core-esque battle system or some manner of super flashy thing would clash with the overall presentation I'm proposing for the game. Yeah, the battle system should remain the same, but, like I said, in battle they could use the more recent compilation / dissidia models they've made to reflect the similar thing that was done in the original. The battle areas could be real time like in the original too, and to keep the game cohesive and faithful, they'd be less graphically impressive than the pre-rendered backdrops - which would presumably be updated CG.

ALSO, they could include a few little extras such as extra dungeons or locations, and allusions and connections to the games in the compilation (perhaps the extra dungeons could facilitate these things)

I'm gonna be honest, I'm actually sort of turned on to the idea of the remake now. So long as it was all of the above and nothing more. Very risky business though.

Godmars2901923d ago

They should just use the Crisis Core engine, but even that would cause some major rewiring of story and game play elements. Summons would have to be done differently for one.

Then again, because they did *THAT* tech demo, the one they had no clue into how they'd make it into a full game, they can't back down from that. They're too prideful.

SpiralTear1923d ago (Edited 1923d ago )

Square should just make the damn remake already, if only so we don't have to discuss it anymore.

XXXL1923d ago

It won't happen cause square is retarded. Fans: " we want an HD remake of FFVII". Square: let's give them another lighting game!

-Gespenst-1923d ago

Cool original opinion bro. I can tell you really gave that one a lot of thought and aren't just reciting the usual prescribed hatewagon slogans.

XXXL1923d ago

Eat shit Internet tough guy. Guess I'm not the only person that feels that way towards square. Wish we were all completely original like you.

listenkids1923d ago (Edited 1923d ago )

I would love a remake, good or bad. I love how Square seem to think it'd be financial suicide, yet FF13 and 13-2 aren't the best selling games of the generation, 13-2 is £5 new. Give us something, please.

Give me trophy support on FF6 through 9, thanks.

gamernova1923d ago

We are still talking about this?

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