Hot Shots Golf :Out Of Bounds: 'A strong title, very polished, fun to play' - DriverHeaven's review

Eric Hall, the United States marine who went missing in February, suspected of suffering from an episode related to post traumatic stress disorder that was theorized to have been brought on by Call Of Duty has been found dead. According to reports from Tampa Bay Online, Hall's death is thought to have been accidental, the result of smoke inhalation from a roadside fire. While Hall's experience with the game was mentioned in initial reports, there was no further implied connection following the discovery of his remains.


Proper Description:

This is the first title in the long standing Clap Hanz's franchise to hit the Playstation 3 console and many gamers will be expecting the same accessible yet deep gameplay the prior titles have delivered.
Out Of Bounds brings all the fun parts of the previous titles, yet introduces a new mechanic to play the game as well as obligatory high resolution graphics. Advanced Shot mechanics lets you concentrate on your golfer's body movements instead of judging your swing with a plain horizontal bar. This adds a certain level of realism to the game, however it is still firmly routed in the arcade genre. This new system involves a three click method. Press X to start your swing then observe your golfers backswing and hit X again when ready to set the power of the stroke. There is a help system in place, a ghosted image of a full power backstroke helps you to decide when you will strike top power. The final stage is when a circle appears and encloses on the golf ball, you then press X again when its fully shut to get an accurate shot.

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decapitator3662d ago

Oh sorry to hear that, My heart goes out to his family. One question though, why didn't he just stop playing ?

decapitator3662d ago

Story Update. Ignore comment above.

decapitator3662d ago

This would probably end up been my first golf game, not really a big fan of that sport ya know.

lodossrage3662d ago

But that's the beauty of this game.

Ever since the first one, this series has been built for the NON golf fan and regular golf fan alike

Keowrath3662d ago

My Girlfriend loves it (She's a gamer anyway) but she really fell in love with the demo so I'll be picking this title up in a couple of weeks when it hits UK. Have another mate who's a big Everybodys/hotshots golf fan and she's vowed to show him how to play lol =)

I'm not a (video game)sports fan myself but I've enjoyed playing the demo too.

Keowrath3662d ago

Um just looking at the story tho, things are pretty mixed up Decap, The image looks like Tennis, the run down here is about a US Marine but the link goes to the Hotshots/Everybodys golf article.