5 reasons an always-online Xbox 720 is the worst idea ever

TechRadar: "The new Xbox could include an always-online requirement that would force gamers to maintain a constant internet connection to use all or certain Xbox 720 functions.

However, the overall impression from gamers is that the always-online idea is terrible; there are too many ways in which a connection can go down and the Xbox 720 would turn into a home theater paperweight - more useless than the Wii U right now."

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US8F1864d ago

Meh, everyone is milking the rumor to get more clicks. Just kill the cow already.

GiantFriendlyCrab1864d ago (Edited 1864d ago )

always online is meant for online apps services, and not for single player games, that would have been suicide

SwiderMan1864d ago

Tell that to Diablo 3 owners. Just sayin'. I hate it.

Activision Blizzard made it a requirement, as did EA for SimCity. It's the trend, sadly :(

TheKayle11864d ago


pls dont approve this bs article..PLS

SwiderMan1864d ago (Edited 1864d ago )

Where was it debunked. I checked. You're wrong.

Please provide a link, and I'll believe that you're not wrong (which you are!)

1864d ago
JimmyDanger1863d ago

I do believe he means the latest rumours on, the site that leaked the old rumours. - which currently seems to be down - or a recap here -

MasterCornholio1864d ago

Did Microsoft officially confirm that the 720 will not have an always online DRM system?

If not then the rumor hasn't been debunked.

Deal with it

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The Meerkat1864d ago (Edited 1864d ago )

Microsoft haven't even officially confirmed the 720.

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Lvl_up_gamer1864d ago

How can a rumor be debunked if the system itself has yet to even be announced? The rumor has been debunked before it's even accepted as a rumor.

Did MS officially confirm that the 720 will have an always online DRM system?

If not then the rumor hasn't been debunked.

YOU deal with it.

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Good_Guy_Jamal1864d ago

When a site that was partially responsible for the always online rumors comes out and corrects itself concerning the matter then I'd say it's worth listening to.
Can anyone, anyone at all, tell me why vgleaks was credible when they posted "unsourced" nextbox rumors and specs on 3 occasions but are suddenly no longer credible mien they post this neo rumor correcting themselves? I really would love an explanation because I'm completely baffled.

josephayal1864d ago

I dont have a single problem with Diablo 3, An always online console is always fun

CEOSteveBallmer1864d ago

Not all people are as fortunate as you living with constant High speed internet. 50% of people around the world doesnt have internet access and is going to internet cafe's just to use their facebook and other stuff.

josephayal1864d ago

%98.6 people have internet connection. The worst possible problem for always-on is the company goes bankrupt, and all your games become unplayable. i can't wait for my xbox 720

MysticStrummer1863d ago

"%98.6 people have internet connection"

100% of that statistic was pulled out of thin air.

CEOSteveBallmer1864d ago

98%? Really?? Wow!! Mind Boggling. Where did you get that number?? if 98% of people have internet then how come most people I know still goes to internet cafe? and not everyone has a laptop and PC so how can you access internet?? You have no Idea about the world around you. And tell that to those who live in rural places, in deserts in mountains if they have internet. Reasoning with people like you is reasoning with a wall. Goodluck enjoying your Xbox 720 may it bring you happiness. Well see if you could still play a game if the internet is down.

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