The Top 5 NPC Companions In Video Games

Gary from writes: Non-playable character companions are an overlooked entity when it comes to building an immersive gaming experience. An NPC can often mean the difference between a poorly executed game or an enthralling experience. Many times we've seen buggy A.I completely ruin the experience of having an NPC follow you around in game.

With Bioshock Infinite's release we've gracefully been reminded just how important NPC characters can be to a gaming experience. However Bioshock Infinite is not the only game that's been able to get it right. So thanks to some help from our associate Rameez Quadri I was able to compile this list of 5 of the best NPC companions.

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ElectroJade1950d ago

Why isn't Elena Fisher in there? Wtf.

ATi_Elite1949d ago

Alyx Vance > Elizabeth

While Elizabeth does throw u good stuff and hides nicely in firefights Alyx actually holds her ground and kills enemies.

pr0t0typeknuckles1948d ago (Edited 1948d ago )

Elika all day everyday