GameTap: Wolf of the Battlefield: Commando 3 Preview

GameTap writes: "Remember Commando? There's a part in the movie where Arnold impales some guy with a pipe and says, "Let off some steam." Yeah, that has absolutely nothing to do with Commando 3, but it probably should. Anyway, much like its predecessors, Commando 3 is a top-down shooter where up to three players can play cooperatively either online or on a single console. The three playable characters--Wolf, Fox, and Coyote--have their own unique abilities and weapons. In my brief time with the game, it appears that Fox is the fastest of the three characters, but the range on her weapons is limited in comparison to Wolf's and Coyote's. Additionally, each character has a special attack that he or she can use to obliterate basically everything within the immediate area. Interestingly, the difficulty level for Commando 3 will automatically scale depending on the number of players in the game."

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