Cliff Bleszinski On Always-Online: "Deal With It"

Veteran games developer Cliff Bleszinski reacts to the recent firing of Microsoft employee Adam Orth over comments he made concerning the next Xbox being always connected.

According to Bleszinski, the future is inevitable, and we should simply, "deal with it".

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Snookies121587d ago

Why is it that every time that guy talks, I get annoyed? I used to love the dude back in the day, even played him in UT2K4 once. Now he just comes off as full of himself. :\

Septic1587d ago

You played him in UT2k4 once? Do tell!

I don't know, I like the guy. He's always frank about what he thinks and I respect him for his achievements. But most of all, I agree with a lot of what he says.

I disagree with the fervour in which he supports always-online however but agree regarding his points about early adopters most likely being always online anyway.

He's a nice chap. Its just the internet that makes him come off as obnoxious to some (or many, I don't know).

Snookies121587d ago (Edited 1587d ago )

Yeah, I versed him a LONG time ago, so honestly I don't remember a whole lot of details on it other than the fact that we were playing on the Facing Worlds map. He was really freaking good though. I mean, I played that game religiously, and I got owned lol. (Got a few kills in though, which made me happy.)

Anyway, I do suppose the internet plays a part in making him sound bad, and I know he's not a bad dude in general. I just think he should tone it down a little in some cases. Don't want him being one of those guys that are always referred to in a negative light, (Pachter, Molyneux, etc.) types. (No offense to them either, just pointing out that they're usually perceived in a bad light.)

Septic1587d ago


Ha that's crazy. You lucky guy. I once played the former Quake 3 world champion in his peak; man it was brutal. His skills were crazy but he did play 10x more than me and did say that I should go pro. I will always remember that :D (I did a crazy rocket jump+railgun combo and his jaw dropped haha).

Yeah I agree that he might have to tone it down, especially in this case. Always on is a very controlversial topic and he does seem to railroad the issue with his opinion. Unlike Patcher and to a lesser extent, Molyneux, he does have legs to stand on I guess.

Also, its nice to meet someone who has played a PROPER hardcore MP FPS :D

sam1mur1587d ago

You can really notice the derogation of this site with the fact that your completely reasonable comment has 16 disagrees...

You agree with the reality of DRM. Which is the truth. If anyone is shelling out $600 for a console on launch day, they are going to play it online. People aren't discontinuing their internet connection to afford a brand new system, and people who do not have internet are not going to buy a brand new console on launch day.

Also, a true but harsh reality is, people really don't care about single player games anymore. People barely even play the campaigns for most games. Those who actually enjoy the single player experience, myself included, are in the minority. Most of Microsoft's clientele is already always online whenever they use their console. It's s rational conclusion for Microsoft to allow DRM, losing a few customers, yet avoiding pirated games.

In the end of the day those who actually care about single player are slim, and those who actually care about drm are in the few. A majority of people who buy video games are not the fanatics and fanboys on gamer websites. A majority of people buying systems are the general public. And most of the general public don't know about DRM, or really don't care. Xbox fans are still going to get the '720'.

Finally, people need to recognize that these are BUSINESSES we are talking about. Microsoft nor Sony have any concern for their clientele besides the fact that if they are content the companies stay afloat. No company is going to give up a business model that fits them just to appease some whining fanboys on a website. Gamers have to recognize they are entitled to nothing when it comes to company decisions.

Microsoft picked DRM because most of their clientele are already always online, and the few who leave the console due to this are balanced by the lack of pirated games.

Sony picked no DRM because they're focus has never been online, and Sony has a much larger single player base. Also, it helps them to get the few microsoft customers that leave the console.

These are all rational business decisions. Everyone has to stop acting like the Emperor is running Microsoft and Sony is run by Mama Teresa.

Can't wait to be down-voted to hell for writing the truth :p.

fr0sty1587d ago

Why MS doesn't just do what Sony did when people were going nuts about that used game prevention patent for PS4, and say "Our console will support offline play/used games.", is beyond me. They're letting all this negative hype spin up, not only from internal sources but now from the developer community as well. This is only hurting them, and they're sitting around doing nothing as if it were true.

Highlife1587d ago

I say take it a step further and not allow people to play online games if there internet is freaking slow.

Ilovetheps41587d ago

Sam1mur, here is the issue with your statement. There are somewhere around 75 million 360s that have been sold so far. That number might be off a little, but it's close enough. Well, there are about 45 million gold subscribers. Again, that number might be off a little bit. Well, that means about 60% of 360 owners are actually using the online features of the 360. If they were to make the next xbox online only, they would basically be abandoning around 40% of their userbase. That just doesn't sound good to me. I highly doubt it would sound good to Microsoft.

Honestly, I would be shocked if Microsoft made the next Xbox online only. I just cannot see them doing it. I see all these rumors running around, but I just can't see it being feasible for a company to make that decision.

And also, there are a lot more people than you think that want a single player experience over a multiplayer experience. Majority of my friends don't even touch the online components of games. They just want a great single player game with a great storyline.

sam1mur1587d ago (Edited 1587d ago )

To Ilovetheps4:

If the case is in fact that 75 million xboxes were sold, and 45 million are online, then that pretty much supports my point.

Its been 8 years since the xbox 360 came out. Since then, millions of xboxes have been broken, thrown in the closet, or exchanged to gamestops.

Add up every single broken xbox, every single used xbox in a gamestop, and every single xbox that is merely not being operated, and subtract that from the 75 million. I would personally bet that that number comes to atleast 10 million.

Also correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm fairly certain that the 75 million number counts new consoles that have been yet to be sold from stores. And there's millions of new xboxes out there.

So, Microsoft has at least 2/3drds of its clientele online, 8 YEARS after the console launched. That's a big deal. 8 years is a long time, and alot of people stopped caring about even playing xbox. 75 million sold, does not equate to 75 million being played...

Finally, about you're single player comment, I can guarantee I am not wrong. Do you consider yourself and your friend group 'gamers'? If so, the single player drive makes sense. But if not, then your friend group is surely in the minority. I unfortunately am one of few 'gamers' in my friend group, and none of them care about single player. Also, besides personal experience, it is pretty much a general consensus that single player is dying, it is not just my opinion.

sikbeta1587d ago


I don't know why you get annoyed, but maybe we should respect the opinion of the guy who created one of the most successful Third Party Games from current gen, I mean, he's not a rookie and maybe knows what the future of gaming will be...


Ilovetheps41587d ago

Sam, let's look at one of the highest rated games so far this year and one of the top selling games so far this year, Bioshock Infinite. That game has no multiplayer yet it had tons of hype and sold decently. Another game that got tons of sales is Tomb Raider. If you tell me that people bought the game for the multiplayer, you are wrong. The multiplayer was sub-par. They bought it for the campaign.

Now, I'm not sure where you live, but I live in an area where the internet is not great. We have few options. I chose the best internet around here yet the internet is constantly going out. Right now, I don't care because I play single player games. But, if internet was required to play a single player game, I can no longer play that game. Why should internet affect my solo gaming?

Again, I'd be shocked if Microsoft went down this road.

crxss1587d ago

sorry cliffyb but I completely disagree. "Always online" might come out once, twice, or heaven forbid more times, but each time it won't take off. I can't even imagine being unable to play a single player game, a movie, or listen to music without an Internet connection. I am baffled by anyone who thinks this is a good thing

Dee_911587d ago (Edited 1587d ago )

@ sam1mur Thanks for talking for millions of people you dont even know.I now have insight on reality /S.You should prob know that by jan 2010 360 had 39million units sold worldwide and of those units only 20million had Live.If you cant do math that 19 MILLION people without LIVE at the time.
Even with free online on the PS3 theres a chance people dont even have PSNs yet.I personally know a handful.I know alot more people without Live.Microsoft wont be loosing a "few" costumers.They will loose alot more whilst loosing alot more money than they would off those pirated games.Theres absolutely nothing rational about having an always on console.Yea its rational when your eyeballs are made of green dollar signs.

Wow... Il just quote a few things here.
" Sim City, with all of its’ troubles on launch, seems to be selling briskly. Diablo 3, the poster child of a messy launch, is estimated to be at 12 million units"

Okay so judging from sells this means always on DRM is okay?How many of those Sims city sells are from people who couldnt get a refund after they found out exactly what DRM is? How many of the people who bought these will buy another game with DRM now that they know what DRM is?
Point being,you cant judge rather a feature this new is a success or not.It will take time and a decrease or increase in sells over time will be a TRUE indication.

" My Ipad is always connected because I love browsing Reddit, Twitter, and Facebook"

Do your ipad require internet to work?No? So is there any rational reason your comparing your Ipad to a device that REQUIRES always on.
As a matter of fact I dont know ANY device that require an internet to work... besides Magic Jack & Vonage.

Once again I see no point in having a device that requires internet to work.

However theres a little glimmer of light with this latest rumor.
Hopefully its not just a rumor.

"Add up every single broken xbox, every single used xbox in a gamestop, and every single xbox that is merely not being operated, and subtract that from the 75 million. I would personally bet that that number comes to atleast 10 million. "

Okay so not only are we talking for millions of people we are just pulling numbers from out of thin air,LOL

"it is pretty much a general consensus that single player is dying, it is not just my opinion."

Its not general consensus.Its an opinion that a few people and have stated publicly.Doesnt make it a true statement.

sam1mur1587d ago (Edited 1587d ago )

Bioshock and Tomb Raider have big followings. Sure single player is dying, but its not like people are giving up allegiances to old franchises.

Who are you to say they aren't bought for multiplayer? I know a few people that bought GoW3 for multiplayer, and that was pretty raunchy.

Tomb Raider, God of War 3, Dead Space 3, etc, having multiplayer just proves even moreso that single player is dying. If it wasn't, there would be NO NEED to tack on a sub-par multiplayer. As more IPs come out, they become more online focused, because the single player is merely an afterthought these days. Look at God of War. People are still going to buy it because it is a franchise that has been around since Single Player was the predominant mover of games. But.... they had to tack on a terrible online portion. Why you ask? Because the focus is on MULTIPLAYER in this day and age.

Name me one new top selling IP in the past few years that is single player, and is not Dishonored.

Also, one must focus on Microsoft's market... The United States. Its an undisputed fact that Microsoft depends on America more than any other country...

Top game sales this year in the USA...

Black ops
Gears of War
God of War
Halo 4
Starcraft 3
Dead Space 3

Tomb Raider was number 11, and I skipped Luigi's Mansion because handhelds are irrelevant in my opinion.

No one is buying Black Ops for single player, everyone is buying it for multiplayer.

Same for Gears, whether its Co-op, Horde, or Competetive.

God of War was undoubtedly bolstered by the fact that it added online. Nevertheless it would score high, but thats like providing Mario as an example, God of war is going to sell whether single player is on the verge of extinction or not

Same thing goes for Bioshock Infinite.

Halo 4 = online

Starcraft = online

Dead Space resorted to focusing the entire game around online co-op. Why? Single player is dying.....

An interesting tidbit from my Vgchartz research that supports Microsoft's dominance of online gaming and their focus on it, is the sales of Call of Duty Black Ops 2

#1 Black Ops 2 (360)~ 680,000
#9 Black Ops 2 (Ps3)~ 391,000

Almost double the amount of games sold. Online games are driving microsoft, so its reasonable for them to install DRM.

I'm truly am sorry about the fact that you have poor internet. But want to know who isn't sorry? Microsoft. Because its a corporation. Every major release on the xbox has been the top download on Pirate bay weeks before launch. They'd rather risk having the minority of their clients who have spotty connections, then losing those game sales.

Look at it from Microsoft's point of view.

Why should I risk my PRODUCTS being illegally downloaded because people don't want to be always online?(in a day and age where mostly everyone is connected for a majority of the day).

Why should I risk new game sales to used games because people want to play single player and not be online?

Seriously. Even though it may not be 'fair' its a sound business decision. No pirated games(until they get around it, but even then it would be much more difficult), and no used games. That's big plus for Microsoft. Also, they'd most likely receive a bonus from third parties, due to them outlawing used games in their favor. So if they lose a majority of their client base(which wouldn't happen) if they only sell 30 million Xbox720's. They're making money off of all new games and no pirated games (fuels the sales of the games).

Boody-Bandit1587d ago (Edited 1587d ago )

" the guy who created one of the most successful Third Party Games"

Cliffy B. "helped" with the "development" of Gears of War. He didn't create it. Even if he did that is no reason to act as if his opinion must be respected. I love the Gears series but IMHO Cliffy suffers from what I call LMS. Kind of like Napoleon did.

Personally I have been gaming when Cliffy B was still in diapers. I don't want an always on feature from MS with their next offering, and NO, I will not just "deal with it". Personally I went from an absolutely (camp out overnight if I have to) MUST OWN to a I will wait for E3 to see how this will be implemented.

If always-on is in fact a reality? That in itself probably wont deter me. BUT if the rumors of no rental or used games is true? Peace out MS. It's been a blast but we have grown apart.

sam1mur1587d ago (Edited 1587d ago )


You just proved my point. Its not a rational decision unless you have "Eyes of green dollar signs"

Microsoft is a company. It has "eyes of dollar signs". It doesn't care if you're sad that there's online. Sales numbers justifies DRM.

And those aren't numbers out of the thin air. You have to be completely naive to think that the number isn't near there.... Actually, its higher...

The failure rate of xbox's is 27% as of 2009 (the middle of the xbox's life span). That number alone when taken out of 75 million....

Thats 20 million xboxs that are broken. So thanks for rebuting my argument to just make it stronger. 20 million broken xboxs. ~7,000 gamestops in operation, and add in the people who just don't play anymore.... Lets say that unrealistically, half of those people sent their xbox to get fixed(common sense).... the number alone in broken xboxs is 10 million...

So the number can be realistically estimated above 10 million, far above, due to the failure rates of xboxs, used xboxs, and those that aren't in play...

so 55-65 million xboxes in use and 45 million are on live.

EDIT: Like seriously... how can you argue that a company's intent isn't dollar signs. There's a reason EA doesn't give a poo about being the "Worst company in American history".

And... its not just an opinion... the sales facts, the trends in game development, and analyst statements prove that single player is dying.

GadgetGooch1587d ago

I find it funny that you got so many disagree's just for expressing your point of view lol.

AlphaJunk1587d ago (Edited 1587d ago )

I agree , I think he's ok. Of course, people tend to dislike people that don't agree instead of realizing people have different ideas.
Honestly I can't understand the big scare with always on - I think we have a bunch of broke asses worried about paying for their internet bill; then again, they somehow managed to post on here with their conspiracy scares.

Bimkoblerutso1587d ago


I fail to see your point. You can spout off numbers all you want. Diablo 3 and Simcity buyers were STILL pissed off at the DRM even given their ability to connect to the internet. It has nothing....NOTHING to do with whether or not a consumer is capable of connecting to the internet. What percentage of people complaining here on N4G do you think have internet access?

And what's really pissing consumers off is that these dickhole developers (like the newly anointed King of the Dickholes in the article) are trying to pass this off as just another case of gamer entitlement. That is goddamn INSULTING, I don't care how you spin it. This is a real issue, whether you be for it or against it. Idiots like Bleszinski telling us to "deal with it" should be insulting to people on both sides of this argument.

Dee_911587d ago (Edited 1587d ago )

i dont even know how to reply to that.

first you say
"Who are you to say they aren't bought for multiplayer?"

then in the same comment you say.
"No one is buying Black Ops for single player, everyone is buying it for multiplayer. "
Who are YOU to say they are?

plus a plethora of similar asinine statements I wont waste my time quoting.

I dont even ... how do you have so many bubbles lol
Also you missed my point about eyes of green dollar signs.If you watch spongebob you would know that when mr krab gets eyes of dollar ( or hearts lol ms puff episode) all rationality goes out the window.My point was there is no rational thought behind this.They are blinded by trying to make and or save money.That will actually cause them to lose money ( not related to spongebob)


"The failure rate of xbox's is 27% as of 2009 (the middle of the xbox's life span). That number alone when taken out of 75 million "
So your saying that in 2009 there were 75million 360's sold?So they sold like 400k consoles from 2009-2013?
LMAO dude what are you smoking,it was 27% of how many they sold at the time they reported that, which was well under 75mill .. or even 40mill.Using your date, around that time it wouldve been no more than 5million bricked consoles.Hell il give you an extra million to compensate for a year.That would still make it 20 million consoles out 33million as of 2009 with live.Thats 13 million WORKING consoles without live.

MRMagoo1231586d ago


Every comment you made is so far of base it isnt funny.

"Which is the truth. If anyone is shelling out $600 for a console on launch day, they are going to play it online"

I bought the ps3 in AUS for $1000 Australian and i didnt even have the net at home yet.

"You can really notice the derogation of this site with the fact that your completely reasonable comment has 16 disagrees"

The whole point in the disagree and agree button is to show whether you disagree or agree right?

"No one is buying Black Ops for single player, everyone is buying it for multiplayer"

I have all the CODS on ps3 right now starting from COD4 and i have only played 2 of them online the rest i only played the campaign.

All in all your ideas of reality and the real reality are 2 very different things.

Broll1586d ago


"What percentage of people complaining here on N4G do you think have internet access?"

Like 100% Yo!

hay1586d ago (Edited 1586d ago )

It's fairly elementary, I worked with internet technologies for a looong time now, and this always online stuff will mean beta testing for all of us for the first few years.
There will be bottlenecks once the service starts, there will be downtimes, there will be maintenances, even further content cutting, and in several years, services will be closed down prohibiting usage of good old apps, forcing us in the end to crack and emulate this stuff at later times.

It's one of the stepping stones for internet licensing and censorship, leading to full control over what people could access in the net as people "dealing with it" will encourage more and more of similar tactics to be incorporated by various companies.
In about 10 years this will mean always on, always tracking, always licensed, always via official distributed channels(and we know they want to rape your wallet and jizz all over your family pics), always controlled, and when the infrastructure won't be bringing them enough money revenue, servers will be decommissioned putting even your favourite single-player titles dead in the water without resorting to mentioned "fourth party" solutions.

And here comes his "deal with it part". If we allow it, we will have to deal with it.

Vote with your wallets, it's all they dream about. Your wallet is ground below their feet, blood in their mechanical pumps, and all they have in their eyes.
Do not give it to them, they will shake and collapse like damned junkies.

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koehler831587d ago

I've always found the dumbass things he says to be the rule rather than the exception.

Blaze9291587d ago

" Veteran games developer Cliff Bleszinski reacts to the recent firing of Microsoft employee Adam Orth over comments he made concerning the next Xbox being always connected. "

"Let’s pay attention to the wording here. Resigned. Not fired."

...this is why i really am starting to dislike this site -_-

Pintheshadows1587d ago (Edited 1587d ago )

I remember when the original UT maps he created were included on PC Gamer UK cd's before he even worked for Epic. Pretty crazy.

He even did guides for making maps. I tried. Key word there being tried.

X-Alchemist1587d ago

first of all this title was completely taken out of context, secondly dude did you even read the article?
this guy talks so much sense it's unreal

Jaqen_Hghar1587d ago

HA! A man gets it. Unreal. Like the game

IcyEyes1587d ago

Cliff Bleszinski is one the most overrated people in the VG biz.

Sure, Gears of war is awesome ... but seriously, he haven't designed that game alone ... He just love to put his face everywhere.

About his skill over games like UT ... well, everybody can go pro playing 6h at day the same game. Trust me.

Ps Anyway, Cliff was pretty skilled over the MP.

Aomizuchi1587d ago

What did you expect from an egomaniac?

FamilyGuy1587d ago

"Well behaved people rarely make history.

Deal with it."

I'm partially on his side but even he agreed that Adam was an idiot for blabbing. The guy could have easily said his opinion without being so offensive but he chose to be rude: "Why would I live there?" In that line alone he offended two cities.

Crazyglues1587d ago (Edited 1587d ago )

Well I will "Deal With it" by not buying the next Xbox...

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