Hey, make a new Pokemon Snap game!

It seems like a lifetime has passed since Pokemon Snap was released for the Nintendo 64 in September 2000. I was less than half the age I am now, we are entering our third console generation since, and 9/11 was still two years away.

Oh, and there were a mere 151 Pokemon on the entire roster. Truly, we are long overdue for number 2.

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Snookies121871d ago

I would buy the hell out of that. It would definitely push me to pick up a Wii U sooner rather than later.

borisfett1871d ago

And a movie in 2015, please. MAKE IT HAPPEN NINTENDO!

Surely the Wii U would be perfect for this?

Zotaku871871d ago

Do you mean a Pokemon Snap movie, or another Pokemon movie in general?

borisfett1871d ago

A Pokemon Snap movie, of course. Live action!

FlyingFoxy1871d ago

With hot pikachu busty action, dunka dunka dunka dunka!.

o-Sunny-o1870d ago

I remember Pokemon Snap at Blockbuster wow I miss good old Snap.

Zotaku871870d ago

How about the old photo booths where you could print the pictures you took in-game? Yeah, talk about awesome.

ZeekQuattro1870d ago

I was a fan of Pokemon Snap. I wouldn't mind a sequel on the Wii U or 3DS.

Sidology1870d ago

15/10, would pay money for in a heartbeat.

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