Nintendo winning US hardware war

NPD's US hardware sales figures for the month of February have revealed Nintendo is winning, you will be shocked and stunned to hear.

More than 587,000 DS units were shifted during the month - that's more than twice the number of PSPs sold (243,000).

The Wii was in second place with 432,000 units shifted. The PlayStation 2 outsold its big brother with more than 351,000 units snapped up compared to the PS3's 280,000. Xbox 360 was in fifth place, racking up sales of 254,000 consoles.

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solar3726d ago

holy crap. didnt know Captain Obvious was also a journalist :P

PS360WII3726d ago

That's a lot of hardware right there and a good amount of software to go with it all too :)

Danja3726d ago

overall all consoles are doing well and thats a good thing...still kinda surpirsed by the PS2 figures..

jctoyou3726d ago

hmm!so the 360 is starting to get outsold by the ps3 in its homeland!interesting,wonder what will happen when sonys big hitters arrive!

Night4ll3726d ago

The little white box that could...

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