7 videogame packshot cliches we’ve probably had enough of now. Cover templates that can’t be unseen

OPM: From “man walking with gun” to “man distracted by something out of shot”, we run down the only seven pack shots a developer will ever need.

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Rusty5151867d ago

Well what other types of cover art is there? You pretty much named all of the possible shots from "looking the wrong way", to "having a close up on their face", to "attacking the consumer", to "just the logo", etc. what else could they do? Do you want them to have a surprise photo of the protagonist jacking off or some shit?

BlindAssassin571867d ago

I think what they are trying to say, (although poorly) is that the covers should start getting somewhat creative. The only example I can give is the alternative cover art for Bioshock Infinite thats on the reverse side of the main cover. Its very artistic and interesting, and is overall a much more creative cover. I think it would be quite interesting if developers hired some famous sketch artists or painters to see part of their game then design a cover around what they saw or felt.

Heres the alternative Bioshock Infinite cover...

Certz1865d ago

Honestly why should you care about the cover art of a game? Isn't the gameplay and storyline convincing enough? Bioshock Infinite proved most of us wrong with its cover art. I hated it, but i don't care anymore. It doesn't affect me in anyway about how the game turned out. The game is phenomenal and the cover art sucks, so what.

csreynolds1865d ago

So if designers were to take this article on board and change their ways, what can we expect to see from box art going going forward? Images of protagonists' feet, far away, looking purposeless, facing no particular direction, without a logo or a gun?

Just playing Devil's advocate *winks*