Indie dev: We “love working” with Microsoft despite it being slammed for treating indie devs poorly

Some indie game developers have made no secret that they hate working with Microsoft since they’re apparently difficult to work with, but The Behemoth says they’ve had “no problem” with the company.

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Septic1864d ago

Good to hear some good news. Jonathan Blow's comments have been circulated and regurgitated a lot so it is important to be reminded that he isn't the only indie developer.

"”We should all be in this together and working towards making games that are fun to play. You’ll always hear the negative side of things in the press, or from others, more than the positive aspects. It’s definitely a lot more entertaining to read I suppose.”"

Hit the nail on the head there.

fermcr1864d ago

There are indie developers that have good experiences with Microsoft and enjoy working with them, as there are indies that have bad experiences and don't enjoy working with them.

It happens with every company. I'm sure that are indie developers that had bad experiences with companies like: Valve (Steam), GOG, Sony, Nintendo, etc.

We don't live in a perfect world.

JoySticksFTW1864d ago (Edited 1864d ago )

@ fermcr

Hey! Hey!! Hey, now!!

You keep GOG out of this

I'll give you an agree for the rest of your statement though.

Carry on...

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CEOSteveBallmer1864d ago (Edited 1864d ago )

Well I look like a troll on my other post here but you cannot deny what I say is possible right? When your good name is in a bad shape you will do anything to defend it. I guess you cannot joke around with topics like these. Well septic, I can say this is my first time posting a criticism about microsoft. They are a huge company which can pay someone to talk good about them. and you cannot deny also the claims of jonathan blow and brian provinciano. But im not saying all developers under them are going thru hell. Maybe if they are not satisfied with your work, they will give you hell

@Good_Guy_Jamal - yes same can be said for sony. But did you hear any developer even just one that said they dont like how they are treated by sony? Check the twitter accounts of developers under them and see how they enjoy working with them. On microsofts side, I wont be surprised if my theory does prove true, Why? Just look at the "Attitude" of its employees namely "Adam Orth". Adam orth is enough reason Microsoft can do things like these. They fired him right? for giving them a bad name. So Good_Guy_Jamal I know your secretly defending Microsoft but I really dont care. Pity Sex? LOL what a Pathetic analogy.

dcbronco1864d ago

I'm sure some don't like Sony. We know that Linger wasn't a Sony exclusive because Sony wanted to own the IP. Sony admits that many developers aren't crazy about that idea. I'm surprised Sony gets any exclusive Indies considering they want the IP.

Mr_cheese1864d ago

In the ideal world things like this wouldn't happen, but everybody's experience is going to be different and as bad as it is, I kind of expect there to be people who didn't like it

mcstorm1864d ago

This is very true. Its the way the world works and the reason why we have choices in life in what we do and use.

Just like I am very much into the Microsoft Eco system having a Surface RT, Windows 2012 Essential's server, Windows Phone, Xbox Music, Skype, Skydrive and more.

But this system will not be the best for everyone its just all about what we all like and want.

Or Like how I moved from Sky tv internet and phone to TalkTalk TV internet and phone as my experience with Sky was bad and so Far TalkTalk Experience has been very good and had no issues with the TV service.

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Good_Guy_Jamal1864d ago

No, that was SKA, they make the Vampire Smile games. This is Behemoth, they made Castle Crashers and Alien Hominid both very funny xbla games.

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