BioShock Infinite - Critical Roundup

Despite stacks of positive reviews, critics have been divided over BioShock Infinite's treatment of racism and violence. Here, IBTimes UK rounds up a collection of essays and articles exploring Infinite's deeper problems.

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joab7772076d ago

Everyone has an opinion and especially today, where everyone can be their own journalist for the world to read. Am I glad that people are looking into bioshock infinite? Yes. Do I like what they have written? No. And that is my opinion.

It is getting to the point of absurd. First off, Bioshock isn't a game that delves into racism or has racism as a major theme. It was set in 1912 and helps to drive the plot, the idea that some guy took religion too far and decided he was going to purge the world of sin. Then there was the antithesis. How ould the game have been received if they ignored it completely? It would have been much worse. Many would have written about how they ignored racism and glossed over American evils of the past. What were they supposed to do. The game wasn't about freeing a race from their lot in the city. It just wasn't.

As far as combat is concerned, what kind of game should this have been? Levine has spoke about how u must make a shooter to get the money to make the game so it will make money. Maybe someone should write about that...the state of the video game industry and how this can even be? I will agree that I loved the turrets, the unlocking puzzles or alarms in bioshock. I loved setting traps etc. But the combat in Infinite isn't terrible. Name another fps that gives u this type of freedom and choice to attack any given situation. Or one with vigors? There isn't. There is only its predecessors to compare it to. And yeah maybe it didn't revolutionize anything but its better than most other fps games. Now, what most ppl never write about is the fact that initially elizabeth was supposed to be the central theme of combat. At one point she became so difficult that they wanted to scrap her. If they had been able to accomplish everything they wanted, we wouldn't be having this argument. But, they were able to pull off something quite spectacular with her...nuff said. Wait til next gen as they continue to push the envelope.

As for stupid remarks about its linearity...really? Why don't other games get this criticism. It isn't open world. Its a driven narrative with the most amazing setting and immersion. And yes there is money everywhere and u must search for things. I love it, it drives u to explore everything. Its almost like most ppl wanted to see this story in a movie and r pissed that they must act out some things to get the end.

I could go on and on but in the age of CoD, battlefield, and so many games that have ruined themselves by streamling, why can't we applaud Irrational for what they have done. Its risky to spend $200 million and make a game like this. Sorry it coukdnt be everything to everyone but damn...unless u onlywant the same damn games every year over and over, how bout we support this. If u want to nitpick...go game is perfect and I am sure irrational would have loved to change a bunch of things, but that's whas great about video games...or used to be...we support them and they keep taking risks to deliver entertainment that we simply could not get elsewhere. My only problem...and its what to play next. And not knowing whether there will ever be another one is something I can't even allow myself to even consider.