PSP-enhanced DVDs out now

Sony talked about a while ago, now customers in the US can actually buy them: movie DVDs with digital copies that play on PSP as well as PS3 and PC. After the first test of that concept through Resident Evil: Extinction in January, 6 additional movies are available all through Walmart, namely Blood & Chocolate, Bobby Z, The Contractor, The Dark Crystal, Labyrinth and Wind Chill. As you can see this is not a high profile lineup but is for Sony another test ballon for the whole concept.

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mighty_douche3924d ago

Wicked little feature, save's allll the hassle of ripping the disc, converting the file, saving it to SD card and not breaking copyright laws.

Plus, unless you had a BR drive for your PC (and wanted even more hassle) you wouldnt be able to get it on your PSP at all.

meepmoopmeep3924d ago

wow! this is awesome. i hope the Blu-rays will have this also. right on sony!

mighty_douche3924d ago (Edited 3924d ago )

Yep, BR will also support this feature, well all the one's produced by Sony Picture's, it's obviously all down to the Movie studio at the end of the day, they may see it as giving you 2 copies for the price of 1 (greedy buggers).

eagle213924d ago

I thought it was for Blu-ray?

I Call 9MM3924d ago

Now that is a more cost efficient concept then buying two copies of the same movie. UMDs definately where not the best way to go when DVD was already the standard. Awesome job on Sony's part, even if it is not the best selection out there it is a start.

dayday3924d ago

I saw a DVD on the shelf at Target, and it had a sticker on the outside that said free UMD movie inside. I think it was Appleseed, I don't remember exactly. I would of bought it on GP, but I have the Japanese Crisis Core PSP and it won't play American UMDs.

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