Students told to Play Nintendo Wii and DS Before School

Primary school children will be told to play Nintendo before classes in the morning as part of a drive to improve their learning ability.

A 20-minute burst of the 'brain training' exercises on Nintendo's DS console at the start of the day apparently improves performance in maths tests by as much as 10 per cent, according to a Scottish study.

The scheme, backed by Scottish education authorities, will be introduced across 16 schools following a pilot in Dundee which found that a daily session of Nintendo's 'More Brain Training with Dr Kawashima' game improved students' concentration and behaviour, as well as their maths results.

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decapitator3720d ago (Edited 3720d ago )

Just what the hell is this world coming to ? Next thing you know, students will be paid for playing and not studying.

BrianC62343720d ago

I think Nintendo must be paying schools to tell the kids to do this. What a horrible policy for schools. This will really dumb them down.

YoMeViet3720d ago

Edutainment!!!! Omg math/science/English at school and gaming at home. I demand a separation of Gaming/School.

PS360WII3720d ago

Sweet. Go DS and it's wave of further pushing gaming into everyday life, and in a good way too ;)

mintaro3720d ago

does it mention what games they're playing? im thinking brain age

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