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Crytek and AMD’s “Project Phoenix” GDC Tech Demo Revealed

GC - "Crytek and AMD collaborated to create this gem of a tech demo." (PC, PS3, Tech, Xbox 360)

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abzdine  +   657d ago
i cannot judge because of the bad quality video but what i can say is that the faces are far from being realistic.
ATi_Elite  +   657d ago
recorded on an Obama Phone!

Seriously the video quality is crap!
sandman224  +   657d ago
Is there a better video? It looked good but if its a cut scene or quick time event I don't think it's that great. But if its real time gameplay with different camera view that would be interesting.
ATi_Elite  +   657d ago
Aw come come on they changed Ruby, I like the old Ati Ruby way better.

Nice off screen video, can't really tell the quality of the tech. hopefully some on screen video will surface.

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dcbronco  +   657d ago
I always liked Dawn better.
Tei777  +   657d ago
Im so over tech demo's hurry up E3 so we can actually look at some games.
bayonetta  +   657d ago
need a better quality -_-
Mikefizzled  +   657d ago
High res article picture
Low res article video
user7693958  +   657d ago
wow after i saw this video I click on the fox engine and it does looks amazing.. simple. life like. the rain detail on the cloth. the lil black kid ..

I wish SOCOM 5 was been made with FOX ENGINE :/
glad that PES14 will be powered by it!!
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arronax-1  +   657d ago
Cwl. Just need an actual video though.
Belking  +   657d ago
Sweet! Running on xbox720 hardware.

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