1UP Previews Command & Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath

1UP writes: "Over 10 years' worth of fiction keeps the C&C series going -- but also keeps it locked in a cycle of linearity. "It's hard to make anything but linear games when you have a complex story to tell," says Verdu. This expansion breaks free by dipping into history instead, retelling what's happened between the first Tiberium War (C&C: Tiberium Sun) and beyond the third war (C&C3) as seen entirely from the Brotherhood of Nod's perspective. You help bring Kane back to power. You cause the Rio insurrections alluded to in the beginning of Tiberium Wars. You set the chain of events that brings the Scrin to Earth.

Dipping into the past allows Verdu's metagame vision quest to become a reality: In the new Global Conquest mode, main objective points and missions pop up on a world map and move the story forward -- hammy cut-scenes and all -- but how you get there is entirely up to you".

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