UK Weekly Chart, Ending 6th Apr 2013


1: X360 - 228,712 (-35%)
2: PS3 - 146,320 (-33%)
3: PC - 60,721 (-14%)
4: Wii - 47,208 (-13%)
5: DS - 33,839 (-19%)
6: 3DS - 29,376 (-39%)
7: WiiU - 11,289 (-50%)
8: PSV - 10,744 (-11%)
9: PSP - 6,877 (-10%)


1: X360 - 9,001 (-8%)
2: PS3 - 7,451 (-11%)
3: 3DS - 5,740 (-13%)
4: WiiU - 2,467 (-26%)
5: PSV - 1,372 (-16%)
6: Wii - 1,231 (-15%)
7: DS - 950 (-15%)
8: PSP - 165 (-13%)

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TheKayle11835d ago (Edited 1835d ago )

still xbox lead impressive

aCasualGamer1835d ago

Because UK always wants to emulate what US market does. Biggest American-wannabies. Don't believe me? What their version of Jersey shore.

andibandit1835d ago

stopped reading after "Because"

mcstorm1835d ago

You on drugs or just don't know anything about us in the UK?

The reason why the 360 is out selling the PS3 here is because it is pushed a lot more than the PS3 here. The IPhone/Ipads is also the number one selling phone here because it is pushed a lot more than Android and Windows Phone.

I do hope WiiU sales start to pickup soon though I though Lego City may of done this but I have yet to see one Advert on TV/Billboards for the game or in fact not seen a WiiU Advert since December last year but there are a lot of 3DS adverts.

Should be interesting to see the numbers come November/December to see if the PS3/360 are outselling the next Xbox and PS4 for the 1st few months.

JoySticksFTW1835d ago

"Biggest American-wannabies."

Wouldn't that be Canada?



AWBrawler1835d ago

Bubbles for regular show link.

JoySticksFTW1835d ago

Thanks man!

Love that show

Bubbles back to a fellow fan :)

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from the beach1835d ago (Edited 1835d ago )

Credit where due..

ajax171835d ago

Europe as a whole still loves their PS3's more.

1835d ago
evilunklebud1835d ago

Yeah, they are going on top by a million. I don't think that is the only metric you can use to declare a "winner", as is this sites wont to do.

Considering the gap in the 6th generation was +70million units, I'm not sure 1million is a victory, especially regarding the bottom line.

josephayal1835d ago

Supreme victory for Microsoft and Sony