1UP Previews Mega Man Star Force 2

1UP writes: "You can take your finger off the panic button; the world as you know it is still sane. Capcom has announced that, yes, there will be a Mega Man game this year. The sun will also rise in the east tomorrow, gas prices will keep rising, and your heart will continue pumping blood to the rest of your body for the foreseeable future.

The latest iteration of the long-running and many-sequeled franchise is Mega Man Star Force 2, the follow-up to last year's DS battling RPG. Star Force was of course the successor to the surprisingly popular Battle Network games for GBA, retaining much of the same gameplay with a few differences both cosmetic and substantial. While the series retained its predecessor's dual-world design -- players controlled a flesh-and-blood kid who occasionally jacked-in to the Internet to guide his sentient avatar Mega Man through a variety of conflicts -- it also boasted a new, 3D perspective on combat. More significantly, it also added some innovations in connectivity. Like many collect-em-all type games, Star Force came in multiple versions... but by interacting with friends who owned other editions of the game, players could experience the entire adventure regardless of the version they used".

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