Duke Nukem Forever makes Japanese gamers’ 2012 sh*t list (among other games)

According to Kotaku‘s translation of entries on the “Shit of the Year Wiki“, Japanese gamers complained about the map design; puzzles; low loading; freezes; large install; poor autosave timing; poor enemy AI.

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Donnieboi1654d ago

I couldn't believe they had the nerve to bring this western turd to Japan.

DarkZane1654d ago

Can't believe they released this turd at all.

Xklaw1654d ago

I can´t believe it´s not butter!

MrAnderson1654d ago

I believe in sexy thing.

JeromeNtheHouse1654d ago

Exactly! 12 years in the making for some bullshit to come out.

nugnugs1654d ago

I believe I can fly. Even after the accident.

Xof1653d ago

Well, the West gets plenty of Japanese turds, so it's only fair.

sprinterboy1654d ago

I actually enjoyed it for what it was, if you just wanted fun out of it without taking notice of the story it was fun, just good old fashioned shooting with a few laughs thrown in.

US8F1654d ago

I have it on my SH*t LIST and I'm not japanese. I trusted Randy Pitchford's excitement and look what kind of game it became to be. I swear that guy gets excited about everything!

Interviewer: A PS4 is coming this holiday season, what is your reaction?

Randy Pitchford: I'm SO EXCITED!

Interviewer: Do you have new ip's being done for Next Gen?

Randy Pitchford: Yes, I'm SO EXCITED!

Interviewer: is it going to be like borderlands?

Randy Pitchford: Maybe, but I'm SO EXCITED!

Interviewer: ok go take care of your excitement in the washroom, then come back to continue this interview

Randy Pitchford: OK, I'm SO EXCITED!

PooEgg1654d ago

Shhhhh, be nice, the man seems to control the BL2 shift codes, so we don't want to upset him. My Zero needs a pair of guns.

Whisky-Warlord1654d ago

And the winner of the "Who gives a shit" award goes to........

Magnus1654d ago (Edited 1654d ago )

Have the Japanese played The Walking Dead Survival Instinct game yet?

Baka-akaB1654d ago

dont worry , shitlist 2013 shoe in with Alien Colonial marines

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