Spartacus: Legends Features Trailer Sheds Blood

TGH Writes: "Not sure if anyone remembers a little title that Ubisoft announced awhile back called Spartacus: Legends. Well, the free to play fighting game is set to release next month and they have released a features trailer."

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sithsylar1953d ago

By Jupiters Cock when will this come out!

FRAKISTAN1953d ago

so,is it any good? demo??

BitbyDeath1953d ago

It'll be free so you won't need a demo.

GusBricker1952d ago (Edited 1952d ago )

Spartacus without at least 47 "fucks"?

Epic fail.

FRAKISTAN1952d ago

"In the spirit of gladiatorial combat, the game will have permanent death, so if a player is killed, they will have to decide whether they want to let their character die and return to the market to find a new slave, or spend currency to revive their character. AND FREEEE"