The State of Nintendo

While it’s awesome to get games like Darksiders 2 and the newest Call of Duty on the Wii U, gamers who already own Xbox 360s or PlayStations won’t have a reason to invest in a new piece of hardware. Nintendo’s tagline for its last console was “Wii would like to play”. Yes, Nintendo, we would; just give us something we can play.

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potedude2077d ago

I think the announcement of the PS4 has taken much of the wind out of the WiiU's sales.

Who wants to buy a next gen console when a better next gen console is coming out in a few months? With some pretty impressive specs.

That, plus the majority of Wii owners are most likely casual gamers who don't even know a new Wii is out, let alone wanting to rush out and buy one, means Nintendo have lost both the 'hardcore' gamers and the casual market.

Quite an impressive feat...

Shnazzyone2077d ago

Eh, until the nintendo exclusives finally hit and ps4's price is actually announced... On the positive side. MH3 U is totally gonna hold me over until that happens.

R00bot2076d ago


Today I actually saw a Wii U going for cheaper than an Xbox 360. Granted, it was an Xbox bundle with two games, but it's still pretty absurd.
And the PS4 will probably be way more.

MurDocINC2077d ago

Alot of sales come from parents, what they are going to look at is price. PS4 and 720 are rumored to be $500+, while Wii U might be $300 at their release. Wii U will have more kid friendly games. Also old wii games and soilless can be used with it. I think alot of parents will steer to wii u.

MurDocINC2077d ago

Stupid iphone, wii motes*

miyamoto2076d ago (Edited 2076d ago )

"Alot of sales come from parents, what they are going to look at is price."

Finally an intelligent comment on N4G. A very good observation, MurDocINC.

Parents are the unsung force and majority behind the success of the Wii and DS.

low prices
family friendly casual
non violent games


all these changed with the Wii U

the Wii U is expensive compared to PS3 and 360 and come PS4 PS3 will definitely drop to $200.00 price point.

Iwata in his desire to capitalize on the PS3 market brought hardcore and violent gaming into the mix
but parents who patronized the Wii and DS for casual, family friendly non-violent games did not like this move and are not buying

Nintendo should have stayed true to the image and stuff that people liked about the Wii and the DS.

I knew Nintendo's image will be tainted when they tried to get the best of both worlds.

Well you can't win 'em all,bub.

Now I understand why Sony can not be arsed to make casual and Nintendo like kind of games on their system.

khowat2076d ago

oh i get it sales and sails

you sir are very clever

potedude2074d ago

Some may think I did it on purpose, but its the inner comedian trying to get out...

GamingAngelGabriel2077d ago

You make some good points. As I mention in the piece, Nintendo has to lead with a LOT of exclusives to counteract this.

guitarded772077d ago

That's the obvious, but what Nintendo needs to go with the exclusives are social tools... trophies/achievements, Facebook/twitter integration with Miiverse, etc. People want to share their experiences with their friends in the real world. It's cool to post a screenshot on Miiverse, but if you post it to Facebook, it's FREE ADVERTISING when friends of the poster see it and think "That looks fun", or something of that nature. Such simple things to implement, but Nintendo is sitting on their hands.


Its amazing to me that such a well known company can screw this up so bad. Why wouldn't you release this system with a Mario, Zelda, or some sort of classic Nintendo game. Even when I go to best buy or gamestop, I am barely able to play any of the demo's, its like they are still trying to keep the system a secret

yugovega2077d ago

they did release a Mario and people still complained more of the same. why? because people want to hate without actually playing the system

CYCLEGAMER2077d ago (Edited 2077d ago )

No I mean a full blown Mario 64 type Mario. Not a 2d/3d side scrolling one. Mario U is cool and all but I want to see a next gen Mario game. Mario u could have been a downloadable game. Where is Metroid, Zelda, Starfox, Donkey Kong,Super Smash Bros etc?

@gammajooki, So I guess Nintendo can do no wrong in your eyes huh? It's obvious that they screwed the release of their new system up by 1 confusing the consumer and 2.) Not having many cool games that people actually want to play (except Mario and Zombi U). The planning on the release has been poor. Nintendo could have came out with 100 games a launch, but if they are not games that people want to play, then its pointless.

yugovega2077d ago

there are tastes of some of those on nintnendoland. if they did release those now people would just say ah nothing new from Nintendo. nin is a lose lose and its sad.

yugovega2077d ago

oh Nintendo does wrong. but people expect too much from them too soon. ps3 launched with 13 games. of those maybe 5 were worth playing and some were ports of 360 games. xb360 launched with maybe 20. and the best title it had was kameo. yet wiiu launchs with a Mario, zombie, cod, ac3, scribblenauts and nintendoland. not a single one is a late port and they are the ones not failing at a launch. xb was out for a year before they got a system seller. ps3 even longer. Nintendo needs it day one?

dark-hollow2077d ago

why didn't the xbox360 launch with halo, gears forza and alan wake or why the ps3 didn't launch with mgs4, god of war 3 or killzone 2?

they are not ready for release and quality takes time and effort.

LOL_WUT2077d ago

And to think that the Wii U is supposedly easy to develop for... Go figure? ;)

yugovega2077d ago

50 games in 6 months and people have nothing to play? seems some people need a life instead of more games if 8 games a month isn't enough.

Zechs342077d ago

I think the thing is that it needs GOOD games. Mine has been collecting dust unless I play MH once in a while. But before that, not much attention. Maybe a NSMBU challenge here and there and I beat Zombie U, and while it was enjoyable, not exactly a console seller.

Outside those, there are not many games in those 50 that warrant defending. Most of them are ports at that. I haven't tried Lego City yet because I have other games to play before it.

IMO, that's what's wrong with the Wii U right now.

yugovega2077d ago

lego undercover is amazing. of those 50 most are good games. look at the list. there is a lot less shovelware then there s good games. all the "late ports" are basically goty editions. every one of them has dlc included. no just a port of what was released 4 months before. its like complaining because red dead redemption got a goty edition with the dlc included. its a great buy.

MNGamer-N2077d ago

You mention you have "other games to play before it"... Then the lack of games right now should not be a concern to you at all, as you don't have time to play them anyway.

Ck1x2077d ago

MNGamer-N caught you there, that absolutely makes no sense! Your WiiU is collecting dust right now. But you haven't tried Lego City yet because you have other games to play before it... Doesn't sound right for some reason, maybe you meant to phrase that a different way or something

MilkMan2077d ago

I'm a WiiU owner and I think the issue with Mario was that it plays exactly the same as if it was for the Wii.

I believe the complaint is that Nintendo failed to capitalize on their own hardware which in all honesty doesn't make sense and its confusing as all hell.

Personally I think that Mario was rushed and Nintendo was banking on Mario's fame to sell it through the roof.

As much as I like Mario games. This was no seller like say Super Mario Galaxy. Thats a fantastic, imaginative game.

Also, between 3DS and Wii and now WiiU. They had a shit-ton of Mario Bro games. Fatigue can also be accredited to this.

The games that shine on the WiiU are the ones that fully embrace the gamepad. This is the new thing for Nintendo and it should be embraced and utilized.

I've been slowly making a transition, buying new games for my WiiU ONLY if they utilize the gamepad in a a creative, fun way.

I plan to buy Deus Ex and Splinter Cell, Wonderful 101, Bayonetta 2, and Rayman Legends.

I'm going to wait until E3 to be surprised by Nintendo. Plus the April update will spark new life into my WiiU. Cause those load times are insane.

salva212077d ago

You're wrong for NSMBU, I was thinking the same thing. I was like "Do I really want this? It's just like the Wii one." And I didn't get it, but then my cousins got a Wii U with Mario U, and I had the time of my live. That's a game you need to play before judging.
But everything else you said, I agree.

deafdani2076d ago

Mario Bros U is, in my opinion, the best of the "New" Mario series, by a long shot. And that's coming from someone that's played all four, and I found NSMB2 (the 3DS one) extremely boring.

But the Wii U version is amazing. It has superb level design, it's equally as fun solo or multiplayer (the Wii version was fun only in multiplayer), it's quite challenging and offers a ton of content. I honestly consider it among the best 2D Mario games ever made, up there with Mario Bros 3 and Mario World (which seems to be the favorites among old players, though my personal classic Mario favorite is SMB2).

josephayal2077d ago

The Wii U is struggling right now, Nintendo just does not care about their loyal fans

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