Diablo III PS3 / PC / PS4 Cross-Platform Potential, Future of Online Gaming

DJ of RealGamerNewz writes, "It’s been rumored for awhile now and eventually confirmed at the PlayStation 4 Sony Conference that Diablo III will make it’s way to the PlayStation 3 and recently announced PlayStation 4. My guess is realistically we won’t see it until early next year. This got me thinking, shouldn’t we have some kind of cross-platform gameplay, seeing as the PS4 will be architecturally built like a PC? It would be an idea worth considering since Sony is typically open minded to this sort of thing."

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Rifkens1924d ago

Already confirmed it WON'T have cross-platform. Battlenet and Sony accounts are going to remain separate, that is why ps3/4 owners can play offline, shared screen and no RMAH

Lubu1924d ago

But can PS3 play with PS4?

Garethvk1924d ago

I am curious how the console version of this will play out.

hkgamer1923d ago

like how all consoles games do. Play for a month or two and then online becomes dead.