The Last Of Us: Between a Next-Gen and a Hard Place

Gi - The Last of Us represents what is the last hurrah and final breath of new titles to come out in the current generation. What has been shown so far alludes to the fact that the game is being lovingly crafted by Sony‘s Naughty Dog studio. The recent trailer really showcases what gamers can expect to experience once it comes out on Jun 14. The Last of Us is a beautiful game that will assuredly drain every last drop of performance from the PlayStation 3. But how this game will be received or how successful it is going to be is up to whether or not gamers can really get themselves behind this title in spite of the crazy year ahead.

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clintos591896d ago

"This title may have come late to the party but it is going to end this current-gen party. While not directly related to the game itself. It is a very good push by Sony to have this title fresh in gamers’ minds for this big year in gaming. While Microsoft remains mum on its plans, Sony is making a strong case for gamers to board the blue ship this holiday season by assuring that they are dedicated to pushing out quality titles well into the twilight of the PS3."

I totally agree with everything he said but he also forgot about puppeteer & beyond two souls which will both be awesome games aswell & all three of these titles are a different genre. Sony has such a diverse library its crazy but the last of us will be freakin amazing.

Diver1896d ago

ND have stated TLOU is next gen ready.

LakerGamerEnthusiast1896d ago

Great Article and reflects EXACTLY what I feel about this game. This game has had me on board ever since the very first Game trailer came out for it. I am ecstatic for the release and can not be anymore excited than the next guy who is looking forward to buying this game. I always thought that the name is a perfect example for the closing months of this current gen and the arrival of the next. It depicts the Last of a great gen than had both it's ups and down's in terms of what happened but was overall a great generation for Sony.

My issue or miscue I should say however is that TLOU is coming at a time that I fear could be bad for the game in terms of timing and how much spotlight it gets. This certainly is a game that nobody should miss out on IMO, but with the amount of casual gamer's and such out there I have a feeling that many will just pass on the game knowing that the PS4 is due soon this year and it would much rather be better to wait for that.

I certainly do hope this game does well or quite possibly even maybe Naughty Dog port the game to the ps4 who they say have not discussed. that would be great, but if not, I wish the game the best in its release. Because we all now what jewels ND is known for making.

Bathyj1896d ago

I dont know why anyone would miss out on what will probably be one of the best games of the generation because PS4 is coming out 4 or 5 months later. We still need games to play in the meantime.

I buy a game or two every month. I would still buy The Last of Us even if it released on PS3 2 years after PS4 was already out.

LakerGamerEnthusiast1896d ago

Great point. idk I guess I'm thinking too much about it. I just really want this game to end this gen with a BANG and not lightly.

jsslifelike1896d ago

I don't think you have to worry about that. TLOU will, no doubt, do fine. My only concern is that the PS4(and software) may cut into TLOU having a long tail as far as sales are concerned.

Pillsbury11896d ago

This is one of my most anticipated games this gen. Can't wait!

mayberry1896d ago

I agree also, but reserve some doubt Concerning Tlou Being The"final Harrah", I Have A Feeling There Will Be More Great Games For The Ps3.

Ezz20131896d ago (Edited 1896d ago )

beyond and watch dog are still coming and much more too
this gen is not over atleast with sony who said ps3 will get support for more than 10 years along with ps4
so i'm not worried at all

anyway the next gen consoles are not coming out in E3 they still have months to come out
so The last of us will be fine

LakerGamerEnthusiast1896d ago

I have a feeling this was an indirect response to my post on the game being the last hurrah to this gen haa x) I guess your right though. Developers are sure to keep bringing the goods to the ps3 long after its time. :)

supraking9511896d ago

Last hurrah? Beyond comes out in October

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