Ted Price aiming to offer "something fresh" among a "sea of sequels"

GI - Insomniac boss not worried about launching new IP at end of console cycle, says gamers have been playing the same games for last 6 years.

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TheHater1924d ago

Then you look at FUSE. Yep, look like every other 3rd person military shooter over the past 6 year.

KOIMOJO1924d ago

Not really dude. If you've paid any attention, they have taken the time to develop some really neat characters. They have also decided not to make competitive multiplayer, which is kinda the opposite of what most military shooters are aiming for. Based on just looks, Fuse doesn't look much different than the the later 2 Mass Effect games.

I'm still waiting to experience the story and then I'll judge. And they also said the echelon mode was injected with R2s co-op DNA, and that was some great fun.

Skips1924d ago (Edited 1924d ago )

Agreed, if they wanted to offer something fresh. Maybe they should release Overstrike instead. -_-

looks a lot more "FRESH" than


Seriously sad to see another great developer sell their soul to E.A.

Should've stuck with Sony. -_- Or at least find a publisher who ACTUALLY PUSHES FOR "FRESH".

1924d ago
HebrewHammer1924d ago

God speed and good luck Ted.

You're going to need it.

BattleAxe1924d ago

I would have still been playing Resistance 3's multiplayer if it had been any good, or even the co-op, but they didn't even include public co-op in the game.

Resistance 1 & 2 were awesome, too bad multiplayer for Resistance 3 was a joke :(

WeAreLegion1924d ago

Luckily, the campaign for 3 was the best in the series. ;)

Knushwood Butt1924d ago

I dunno, it certainly wasn't bad, but what made it so much better than the previous games?

WeAreLegion1924d ago

The story. Joseph is a much more interesting character than Nathan. The set pieces, boss battles, and music helped, too. Absolutely wonderful campaign.

ginsunuva1924d ago

3's campaign was good, but 1's story made the campaign better.

Knushwood Butt1924d ago

Yeah, I played R1 and R2 to pieces online. R3, probably about an hour or so.

Also, the online co-op was startlingly dull, and it didn't help that audio chat cut out whenever there is any loading (of which there is quite a lot).

Ultr1924d ago

R3 Online was totally Ok, I don't see whats bad about it?
I played it the most in the franchise.
The Campaign Co-op was brilliant

chukamachine1924d ago

I actually preferred the mp for resistance3, better controls, faster combat.

Resistance1 mp was boring for me.

I really enjoyed the mp of resistance2 co-op.



Should be Battlefield open war, with futuristic weapons, vehicles and flying machines all.

Plus smaller maps with co-op and story.

Graphics in Singleplayer should be gritty like the first game, only better looking.

MysticStrummer1924d ago

Don't do anything fresh if you want high reviews, Ted. Look at Defiance. It's some of the most online fun I've had, and one of a short list of games I feel is worth $60, but it's being received with yawns from the critics. Conform if you want to succeed.

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The story is too old to be commented.