Good Vibrations: Hands on with the Dual Shock 3

Is Sony's new rumble technology really 'next-gen' or is the DualShock 3 just more of the same force-feedback we've been using for years? The Exploding Barrel recently spent some quality time with an imported DualShock 3, and came away fairly impressed.

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decapitator3688d ago

Slwoly but surely, this years gaming rivals are turning into politicians. Is almost like Obama vs Hillary.

donalbane3688d ago

What do you mean by that comment? Do you mean the big 3 are all imitating each other like the politicians, or what?

You know I always thought it was funny when Sony said that rumble and tilt controls couldn't be done in one controller at a reasonable price, despite the fact that Nintendo's Wiimote combined both of those features.

Wildarmsjecht3688d ago

Ive played the Wii only twice and that was Wii Tennis..but I didnt know it had rumble in it. Almost fairly certain it doesnt.

SilPho3688d ago

The Wii-mote definitely does have rumble, it's subtle but it's there.

Greysturm3688d ago

Its not an integrated tilt function it needs the sensor thingy. So the argument holds some sense, besides the wiimote is an incomplete controller without the nunchuk which together cost more than an average controller.

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halo3betasnatch out3688d ago

sweet sounds like it should be good =D

PirateThom3688d ago

DS3 is a huge improvement over competitors and even DS2.

I was playing the GT5P Demo and was impressed at how subtle it could be, before really kicking it up a notch.

Marceles3688d ago

It also rumbles more on one side than another depending on which way your car is works especially well on Motorstorm

butterfinger3688d ago

That is pretty impressive! I'm importing now! lol

XBOX 3603688d ago (Edited 3688d ago )

Oh, what a coincidence lol...

Item Description PS3 DualShock 3 Wireless Controller (Satin Silver) (Japan Version)
Catalog No. 1010661479
Quantity 1
Unit Price 59.99
Total 54.99
Expected Ship Out Date Mar/16/2008

If anyone wants to pick up a Japanese DS3 for $54.99 & Free shipping:


And use the coupon code "WGASIA5" or "ISYA247" (Forgot which one I use, 99% sure it was the first one) to get $5 off.

Yesasia has their warehouse in California, so it won't take too long to arrive if you're ordering from the US/Canada.

gonzopia3688d ago

The SIXAXIS apparently has the lowest battery life of all three controllers (360, Wii, PS3) but I've found it to be pretty close to a non-issue given the fact they can recharge - and I bought one of those Intec 2-controller recharge bases. I just wonder if the battery life has been improved on the Dualshock 3 to accomodate for the probably increase in power draw from that rumble function.

Marceles3688d ago

That's one possibility...but the battery life worries on the DS3 is blown out of proportion. I really haven't noticed a difference in the battery life between the Sixaxis and DS3. The one thing I'm still waiting for is for the controller to turn off when the system is idle. Usually when I know I'm gonna be away from the system I'll manually turn it off, but sometimes I forget, especially while watching a blu-ray movie.

Lucreto3688d ago

I am just going to buy a longer cable (3m) so I can play while it is recharging and have enough slack to use the sixais.

spandexxking3688d ago

works best with motorstorm imo. the rumble varies depending on what surface your on and how heavy you land. motorstorm was/is my favourite ps3 game before DS3 but now its GOD. bring on motorstorm 2!

Marceles3688d ago

yeah man, the rumble is really detailed to that extent. If the vehicle is bouncing on one wheel at a time after hitting a big jump, you'll feel every bump and slide with each rumble feeling different than the previous. The funny thing is that we're not even exaggerating. It sounds unbelievable, but everyone who gets a DS3 in NA when it's launched will know what we're talking about

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meepmoopmeep3688d ago

it's cool to have but not necessary. i sometimes don't even realize it's rumbling. but i'm not big on rumble to begin with so my opinion is a little biased.

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