1UP Previews Velvet Assassin

1UP writes: "When you hear the tagline "World War II Stealth Action," you might imagine a marketing-driven concept. World War II games are popular, and stealth games are popular, so why not combine the two? The theory has worked before -- look at Company of Heroes, which plucked a similar setting and squeezed it into a real-time strategy game.

But as it turns out, Velvet Assassin is weirder than that description suggests. It's not simply a stealth game -- it's a stealth game where you play through your character's dreams while she lies in a hospital bed, which leads to surreal visuals such as one level that has a bright orange background, and introduces concepts like taking morphine to go into a bullet time-esque mode. On top of that, it's based on real-life British secret agent Violette Szabo (you play "Violette Summer"), which isn't something you typically see in this kind of game".

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