TOP 5: Big disappointment of this generation

As in other areas of entertainment such as movies and TV, the expectations are key to the spread of a game, either through videos, articles, and promises. Unfortunately, when we put hands on this title we find that proved not as innovative as it seemed, and that everything that we imagined, proved not so spectacular.

Undoubtedly, all who are fond of the juices have fallen into this "trap", and that's why we leave our TOP 5 of the games that excited us, that we look forward to the day of its release, which saw all videos, we appreciate all the pictures, but when we started playing them ... proved not what we expected:

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Relientk771264d ago

Final Fantasy XIII for me

Pintheshadows1264d ago

Indeed, but i'd say a lack of quality JRPG's in general is up there.

Relientk771264d ago

I agree with that too, good point definitely

beakeroo11264d ago (Edited 1264d ago )

5/ Gears 2 - Multiplayer (unbalanced and rubbish matchmaking)

4/ Gears 3 - Single Player

3/ New Vegas - Glitchfest

2/ Halo 3 ODST - Just plain nasty

1/ Turok Dinosaur Hunter - !

*Honorary mention to Black Ops 2 for sucking so bad that I sold it, it's the only CoD I do not own.

dafegamer1264d ago

gta 4 for me, it just doesnt live up to the Metascore of 98

demonone231263d ago

I for one found Dragon Age 2 pretty disappointing.