Why the subscription MMO has to make it

An editorial about subscription MMOs and why they're so important.

"There seems to be two main arguments for the death of the subscription mmo era..

However there are reasons why the community of players should support the notion of subscription mmos. These reasons are important. Very important."

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Saryk1870d ago

I agree with the article. What MMOs industry need is this:

#1 Variety in their server rule set. I like PvP, I like full loot also. Why not a server that has that rules set? I am not talking about every server, just one. What about permadeath? I know most people say that it would fail, but how do you know? Create one server that is PvP, full look and permadeath, unless they are rezzed by a player, just one server. If it fails you just migrate the player base to another server of their choosing, not a big damn deal.
#2 Variety in payment options. When EQ1 made the price per month $14.99, I know then that everyone else would do it. Why not $8.00 for two weeks? Or $5.00 for a weekend? There should be a ton of options for all types of people. I would love a family option, where I spend $300 for 4 people for a year subscription.
#3 Make it hard. Most people are tired of games on easy mode. At least do a server like on Fing hard.
#4 Random Shit, make random stuff happen, anything! A nemesis, a public event, a quest only for you.