Next Week on the PSN: April 16th, 2013 - Injustice: Gods Among Us, New PS+ Free Game

Thanks to the continuation of the Spring Fever sale, we have a PlayStation Plus discount to look forward to on Dragon Fantasy: Book I. Joining it will be Sacred Citadel, as well as some more entries into the Capcom Arcade Cabinet.

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Donnieboi1928d ago

Sweet! I love when Spring Fever comes to PSN! I'm gonna get those games from the Fever, and also RPG Maker 3 for ps2 classic and some GTA games from the GTA sale!

TrendyGamers1928d ago

Really excited to check out Malicious.

Wedge191928d ago

Malicious should be a lot of fun. I love being a Plus member, and I sell it to anyone that will listen.

T3mpr1x1928d ago

I have not been following Malicious at all, but it looks different. Worth a download, especially considering it's essentially free!

knifefight1928d ago

I've got Spring Feva, and the only prescription is PlayStation Plus.

ftwrthtx1928d ago

I'll take a dose of that and wash it down with a shot of rum!

Heisenburger1927d ago

I have some extra cowbell. Would you be interested in said cowbell?


knifefight1927d ago

Only if I can have MORE and MORE of it!

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The story is too old to be commented.