High Moon's O'Connor Talks Unreal Engine 3 PS3 Issues , Gears of War

As part of an in-depth new Gamasutra interview, High Moon VP Paul O'Connor (The Bourne Conspiracy) has been discussing Unreal Engine on PlayStation 3 and Gears Of War's impressive behind-the-scenes structure.

Vivendi-owned High Moon, which previously worked on Darkwatch, are currently preparing the Unreal Engine 3-utilizing action title The Bourne Conspiracy for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

So, when asked: "Do you have anything to say about the development process on doing multiplatform games?", O'Connor explained of the development process:

"We needed a lot of support on Unreal to make it run on the PlayStation 3. We got caught in the same crunch as everybody else when [Epic] finalized Gears [Of War], so that definitely slowed down the PS3 support at the time.

But, that being said, the guys have done extraordinary work with the PS3, and it's just about ready to pipeline."

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decapitator3752d ago

It seems developers are still having some problems with UE3 on PS3. Epic has gotta perfect it already or at least let the others know the tricks they used for their UT3 on PS3.

mighty_douche3752d ago

Thats the point, with knowlegde of the engine it's obviously more than capable on the PS3, UT3 proved this.
Maybe Epic should share a little more or Sony could throw some more help the developers way because that engine is being used to death, there seem's to be a new game everyday running on UE3.

decapitator3752d ago

I think is EPIC, they are not 'FULLY' supporting developers that license their engine for their games. I think they just give them minimal support.

Nathaniel_Drake3752d ago

I heard that Insomniac is helping in this en devour for 3rd party companies, is this right?

DevastationEve3752d ago

that can work with unreal and deliver a great game on time when asked.

Nathaniel_Drake3752d ago

What 2k game using the UE3 was made on the PS3?

ip-student3752d ago

I think the problem is more related to the strengths of the PS3 versus the strengths of the 360 - you have to keep both in mind and find the right compromise. That is why a lot of people hate multi-platform games - they have compromises.

But I get the sense that the Unreal engine has greatly improved with version 3.5 so we will probably see a lot more in upcoming games. Still - in the end the PS3 design will always be a pain to deal with and in that regard Sony made a mistake. They would have been a lot better off to have two PPEs each running three SPEs. But hindsight is always 20/20 and maybe the concern about yields made that design undesirable.

riskibusiness3749d ago

the PS3 has serious bottleneck issues the the xbox360 was able to mitigate using the edram, not to mention the divided memory in the Ps3 is not so good either. 1/2 of it is pretty darn fast though.