$10 PSN Credit from the March 2013 Promo Expected in Your Inbox Tomorrow, April 12th

Most of you will remember that Sony held a promotion during the month of March in North America where if you spent $50 (or $49.99) on the PlayStation Network, you’d be given a $10 credit. Since it was a stackable offer, it meant that every $50 taken out of your PSN wallet would result in $10, with no limits. - PSLS

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TrendyGamers1801d ago

I wonder if someone went crazy on purchases and is getting something like $200 back?

knifefight1801d ago

I wonder this too. There's probably a maximum reward somewhere in the fine print.

Foolsjoker1800d ago

I should be getting about $30 back. Digital Games ftw.

ftwrthtx1800d ago

I think I got just enough for some MGR DLC.

Ares84HU1800d ago

I don't spend real money on virtual things. If I want a game I go and buy it in an actual store. Also, PS+ gives me more than enough stuff from the PSstore so for me there is no point on buying things that don't even exists.

WeAreLegion1800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

It's funny you should say that. When I'm in the hospital, I don't let them hook me up to the IV. I'd rather ingest food the real way.


So, you haven't purchased ANY PSN games?!? Seriously? You missed out on The Unfinished Swan? Costume Quest? Stacking? Why?

SJPFTW1800d ago

I didn't know at the hospital the IV gave you virtual fluid?

Ducky1800d ago

PS+ is a virtual thing though.

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The story is too old to be commented.