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Violent games can enable would-be mass murderers, say CA Senator

Democratic California Senator Dianne Feinstein has again spoken out against violent video games. Today on MSNBC's Morning Joe, Feinstein said these games can be enablers for would-be mass murderers. (Culture, Industry)

GribbleGrunger  +   469d ago
But giving people guns doesn't.
Wenis  +   469d ago
She hates those too, dontcha know
Mounce  +   469d ago
You know what she doesn't hate? Blueberry Pie.

Well, she apparently hates Meat Pie and Meat Eaters and Men and Monopoly and homosexuals and atheists.
omi25p  +   469d ago
If she hates everything that kills people she must really hate religion.
nix  +   469d ago
i wonder what games Hitler played? o:

oh wait he played WWII.
Gaming101  +   469d ago
Another know-nothing out of touch politician who's old as the hills is coming out against all this new dag-nabbit new technology. Now get off her lawn hippies!
hay  +   469d ago
Using Sandy Hook hoax to support her claims? Damn, she must really hate those games to support nonsense with lies.
dcbronco  +   468d ago
She does seem to love herself some hair dye.

She needs to realize that the biggest enabler is our government not doing it's job and dealing with our mental healthcare deficiencies. When the majority of the homeless people on the street were former soldiers for years(and may still be, enabling thieves to steal so many homes might have changed that) and have mental issues, it's clear that it's the government that has allowed this problem to get out of hand.
Ezz2013  +   469d ago
yes , when you see a man with a gun coming at you......don't be afraid

but if you see a dude with videogame in his hand ....RUN LIKE HELL

Be Warned!!
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Pushagree  +   469d ago
It really doesn't matter what any politician says. Video games are protected as free speech; Guns are protected through the second amendment. These are things we legally decided a long time ago and we have to deal with the positives and negatives that come along with it. Freedom isn't always pretty.
Conzul  +   469d ago
Our forefathers would rather have been dead than give up their freedoms, and I'm sure their descendants share the paradigm.

But that won't stop people from trying. One can never be too vigilant.
SilentNegotiator  +   469d ago
I think we've seen enough attacks on both in the past 13 years to know that politicians don't care about either amendment and Americans' passiveness to defending their own freedoms won't save us when they're taken away.
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CEOSteveBallmer  +   469d ago
Agreed dude. But If ever games or guns are banned WW3 and all hell will break lose I will tell you. Since So many heroes fought for this so called "Freedom". And some Old People are really ridiculous like this senator here. Out of touch conservative disciplinary type stuck in the Old past.
HammadTheBeast  +   469d ago
@ Conzul

You sound like Comstock.
Conzul  +   469d ago

Probably because I deify the founders almost as much as Comstock did. Well - that's an exaggeration, but you get the picture. America was such an unlikelihood. When you get into the history, our mere existence is quite amazing.

Bioshock Infinite does more for me than any 4th celebration or Rah-Rah speech or whatnot: Highly imperfect, but they say you love something for its flaws, not its good side.
BlackCarrot  +   469d ago
America is to be congratulated for staying steadfast to these principles but constitutional interpretation is always a matter of construction and that is exactly why you can still be sued for libel in America.

The point is, your rights aren't as protected as you might think. Let me give you an example. In Australia, our constitution is constructed quite narrowly at times. For instance, the right to a jury is only for indictable offences; all parliament has to do is say that an offence isn't indictable and they've limited your right to a jury.
Dirtnapstor  +   469d ago
Agreed, but if we say or do nothing countering their rhetoric, we will suffer because of our own apathy. This can be applied to most issues relating to the governance system. We cannot assume "it won't happen here"...that's what the Germans thought prior to Hitler.
Food for thought... If you look into our (USA) ever constantly changing gun laws, they happen to mirror those that were drafted and put into order way back from the 30's...in Germany. What's say you?
adorie  +   469d ago
The bitch is either ill informed, has an an agenda or both. I've never liked her, even when I was living in cal
DeadlyFire  +   469d ago
What is wrong with people having guns to stop mass murderers?

People in general are fine with guns. Its criminals and the clinically depressed that can't be trusted with them.
caseh  +   469d ago
Oh this old chestnut again eh, I guess playing Madden will become an 'enabler' for me to play for the Bears then yah?

Seriously, what a joke.
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Blastoise  +   469d ago
Well, she sure looks like someone who has a good understanding of the game industry /s
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HarryMasonHerpderp  +   469d ago
If you murder people or want to murder people then you're insane. Whether you play videogames or not is irreverent. The way to tackle the issue is to get the crazys help BEFORE the killings. There are always signs.
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SpiralTear  +   469d ago
Wow, this discussion is never going to end, will it?
sithsylar  +   469d ago
Shit no it won't end. You got to save those children!
SilentNegotiator  +   469d ago
It's been going on for 30 odd years. Why break the streak now?
ApolloTheBoss  +   469d ago
Why are politicians so stupid? Does the job naturally drop your I.Q. or something?
Unicron  +   469d ago
Because they aren't gamers. They don't see the full industry, the full breadth of titles. They simply don't understand, and because of/through that, it's easier to promote fear and to push an agenda that way. Also because in the US its friggin impossible to have a REAL discussion about guns, its all about deflecting the blame to other talking points.

I'm really disappointed... no disgusted at the government these days. They fit the very definition of insanity.
Blaze929  +   469d ago
because THEY ARE OLD
AridSpider  +   469d ago
lmao this just made me die laughing mate
SilentNegotiator  +   469d ago
Because dumb comments get press and the media is agenda driven (A few groups own about 90% of news stations). Politicians like Ron Paul (okay, technically EX-politician now) are completely ignored by the media.
Bathyj  +   469d ago
I have over 10K headsots in Perfect Dark 64 and have never started a fight in my life, but its idiots like this that make me want to commit some grievous bodily harm.

Well dont be watching me between 4 and 5. Thats Bathys time.
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Wenis  +   469d ago
You're on their watch list now...
sithsylar  +   469d ago
Just look at this DP, if he is not on the list the FBI aren't doing their job.
Bathyj  +   469d ago
Hey, Kubric is visionary.
Hicken   469d ago | Off topic | show | Replies(2)
Bathyj  +   469d ago
I think Jerry Springer has done more harm to society than videogames ever will.
sithsylar  +   469d ago
You know what i think has done the most damage..... NEWS

Just watch this:


Totally opened my eyes.
LAWSON72  +   469d ago
Very true whether it be from word of mouth, newspaper, tv, or internet. News influences many with over exaggerated facts and give their opinions like it is news creating a false image.
greyhaven33  +   468d ago
You got that right
unknownhero1123  +   469d ago
"Democratic California Senator Dianne Feinstein's face can enable would-be mass murderers" say a n4g poster
Yodagamer  +   469d ago
If they are would be mass murderers they could be set off by anything. Instead of wasting money on fighting video game freedom of speech how bout funding ways to figure who these wannabe mass murderers before the murder.
jameson12345  +   469d ago
-_______-..................... ..I really hate politics.

Due to crap like this, I'm starting to dislike all politicians, Democrats or Republicans. I can't believe they are still stuck on the idea that getting rid of violent video games will change anything. All its gonna do is alienate entire generations of up and coming people from them. They just look more and more like out of touch old people, who are basically putting the car in neutral and expect to be getting anywhere. The engine is running fine, we have the capability to solve all of our problems, but we just got the same angry senile driver as we had 20 years ago. The car that cut you off is already way down the road from us, stop yelling at it.
Conzul  +   469d ago
Well the whole Republican vs Democrat thing is a big-ass dance that's made to distract us from more important issues.

Watch "Wag the Dog" and "God Bless America".
IMO two of the best movies ever made.
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jeeves86  +   469d ago
Sometimes it's all the same thing, just said a different way.
Tyre  +   469d ago
Did i just hear a politician do a brain-fart?
Intentions  +   469d ago
If they say games are violent (which some are, but you are stupid if you copy and do it yourself), that means movies are as well, because movies are more accessible compared to games.
and she hasn't played any of them.... hmmm.... fishy....
G-Revolution  +   469d ago
Where do these elected officials get these statistics? Is this all based on actual Facts or is it their own Opinion of video games, which have no factual basis on the matter at hand! To point out and proclaim violent video games can turn people into mass murderers without even pointing blame at other entertainment media is a little naive and narrow minded now isn't it.

They use video games as a prime example when I could just as easily point at (music, television, and movies) that promote actions such as (greed, drinking, drugs, killing, and having sex with slutty women) though I'm sure those are not as worse as video games ”Transforming a generation of preteens/ young adults like Transformers, into a group of killing machines.” Don't even make me laugh. Oh yeah one more thing. Before someone tries to bring guns into this situation. “Guns don’t kill people. People kill people.” I'm done.
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greatcrusader44  +   469d ago
I remember when the elementary school shooting happened and they had thought for a few hr's after it happened that it was the shooter's brother that had done the shooting, NOT HRS AFTER THE SHOOTING, there were articles on how the shooter (when they thought the brother was the shooter) was a hardcore gamer and played violent games.

Its such a laughable statement in the eyes of gamers, just about every non gamer truly believes this, and it's a very irritating truth.

And yes, some games do influence people to do bad things, but the origin of the problem lies in the individual themselves. How many death resulted from movies? I remember after the Deer Hunter released, a lot of people died from playing Russian roulette. Is that the message of the movie? Go play Russian Roulette with friends and kill yourselves? No, Many people saw that movie, and 99% didn't play that game, because they're sane. People know this about movies, because most people watch movies and know the effects (or lack of) afterwards.

Of course I'm giving Politicians and News Reporters too much credit. They know what they're doing, just using it as a scapegoat
MadMax  +   469d ago
Maybe we need more backround checks on gamers. Nutty libs!
ShaunCameron  +   469d ago
Spoken like the typical politician.
Shaolen  +   469d ago
She should stick to telling people to burn books for their "outrageous " social implications, and leave video games alone. Doesn't she look like a "Zynga"-style casual player? Go back to your Peggle and leave us gamers alone!
sovietsoldier  +   469d ago
i wonder if she knows the government has funded a violent video game called: Americas army" in which you kill other people with m16's the big brother of the ar15 oh noooooooo!

why cant this bitch up and die already.
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cyclindk  +   469d ago
Guess we need tighter game-control laws... so disturbed/at-risk individuals don't get a hold of these insidious things.

Don't think the NRA would go for it though (national retard association)
KaBaW  +   469d ago
This (female dog) just needs to go on somewhere.. stay there and not come back.
xabmol  +   469d ago
More BS...
Who elects these people? *sigh*
sway_z  +   469d ago
Okay then, while we're at it...

Let's ban all violent Books, Movies, Sports and ban that guy at the Olympics who fires a starter pistol too.

Gordon Ramsey behaves so aggressively and violent on Hells Kitchen, so let's ban TV too?

Ridiculous, Ridiculous ....Ridick!
Morgue  +   469d ago
Still trying too pass the buck I see Diane. When will you and your fellow politicians, lobbyists and naive parents wake up and accept the fact that YOU are responsible for your children.

Parents have become so lazy that they are letting society raise their kids and when something happens. They're quick too blame someone else when the blame should be solely placed on them.

It's unfortunate those kids in Connecticut were killed and Adam Lanza and his mom both got what they deserved but that guy should've been institutionalized a long time ago, not allowed to shoot guns and live in his fantasy world.
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ACEMANWISE  +   469d ago
So does being a Senator.
leemo19  +   469d ago
I can't stand Dianne Feinstein she so way off on her points its almost sad. Why does every shooting lead to video games are the problem. If video games are such simulators the way this moron speaks, than everybody who's played Mario would know if you smash your head into a brick your get a coin and that if you smash a turtle you can use his shell to take out everything.
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Breadcrab  +   468d ago
Well, time to move to a new state.

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