Batman Arkham Orgins Announced with New Developer; No Next-Gen a Smart Strategy

VG Republic Writes: We finally have confirmation via Eurogamer about the next Batman game in the series of phenomenal Arkham games by Rocksteady Studios, but now being taken over by WB Montreal. Batman Arkham Origins will release on October 25th, 2013 on the PS3, Xbox 360, Wii U, and PC with a spin off Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate hitting the 3DS and Vita on the same day. The game will focus around eight assassins that come to Arkham to kill Batman and reign supreme over the city. The studio also announced that the game will have a living breathing city that isn’t what we have come to see from the previous installment, Batman: Arkham City. All of these pieces are extremely intriguing and fans will, no doubt be clamoring for the next installment. The surprising piece to all of this though is the lack of confirmation for next generation consoles, but in reality the neglect of them is a smart strategy.

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The_Infected1628d ago

Well I want be playing it unless it comes out a while before the next gen consoles because I always trade my current console for the next gen consoles.

Crazyglues1628d ago (Edited 1628d ago )

Well it's seems it's coming out Oct 25 -

-which will be right before the new consoles... which should launch in Nov.

Sadly that's not early enough for me, I will be putting that Game money to a PS4 title...

-But hope this new team can do the game justice for the fans - Because the last one was pretty good..

||.........___||............ ||

NBT911627d ago

Usually I would do that but since PS4 apparently has no B/C I won't be this time.
It's going to be a good game, I think I as a fan of the series will enjoy this one more than most (not all) of the PS4 launch games.
Also MGSV, Kojima has only hinted that it MIGHT come to PS4 so I'm not going to get rid of my PS3, just on case.

And I spent most of my first few months owning a PS3, playing PS2 games on it until I discovered Oblivion so nah I wouldn't get rid of my old console for a new one this time around.

pompombrum1628d ago

I honestly didn't bother reading the announcement however I'm so glad Rocksteady isn't doing it. The Arkham games are two of my favourite action games this gen and I want to see what Rocksteady can do with that gameplay without the confines of the Batman universe. I hope they're going to take that combat and make it into a new next gen IP, they'll create something truly special if they did.


ill grab that on the wii u

Ares84HU1628d ago

Well if it comes out after the PS4 release, I won't buy it since it's nkt coming to next gen.

1627d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.