Haze script is over 1,000 pages long

VG247's reporting that the script for Free Radical shooter Haze is now over 1,000 pages long. The news is taken from a just-released promo movie.

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DADO3930d ago

If the script is 1000 pages long. How long will the game be? Could this be one of the longest FPS ever made?

sonarus3930d ago

no 15hrs but with that could be one of the longest fps's made this gen. Most of them have been falling short. However i am trying to be optimistic for haze. Maybe the game could turn out good after all

spandexxking3930d ago

hopefully with all that script this "generic"(ha) shooter is gonna be something quite different.

BeaArthur3930d ago

The success of the game is going to rest on the shoulders of the multiplayer. It's had too much hype to just be average.

marinelife93930d ago

It's amazing what kinds of things you can implement into a game when you have a few dozen more gigabytes of space available for you to use on a disc.

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Skerj3930d ago (Edited 3930d ago )

Wow, the delay has certainly been kind to the aesthetic department already. Maybe Free Radical still had it all along in the story department with a 1,000 page script.

I suppose it won't mean a damn thing if it all doesn't get used, and if it does. ..I better not hear the same phrase repeated incessantly by NPCs a la Assassin's Creed. I hope the story does turn out well, it sure has an interesting premise and I loved Second Sight so I know they have it in them.

games4fun3930d ago (Edited 3930d ago )

the game will have vehicles i havent played a decent fps with vehicles in a while, all i really want is for them to add the helicopters in mp mode which would be fun

sonarus3930d ago

that is my main attraction to this game as of right now. Thats why i am saying GT5P, Haze GTA4 and MGS4 in the span of two months. Thats some serious incentive for any gamer looking to play anygame. 1 racer, 1 fps shooter, 1 sand box, 1 stealth. Notice the variety. Playstation is ready to suit the needs of any gamer. They just need to get some rpg's on that list

kewlkat0073930d ago

but when did Scrips matter that much in

Shoot first, ask questions later.

This game coming to 360 at all?

resistance1003930d ago

' I guess that's kewl
but when did Scrips matter that much in '

Quite a bit, the story is what drives you to complete it. Take resistance for example, while the single player was average tbh, but the fact it had a great story made me complete it.

kewlkat0073930d ago

@belal well I have all the consoles but read my + Dualshock + Shooters don't mix that well.

sonarus3930d ago (Edited 3930d ago )

that whole controller difference for ps3 and 360 controller is GREATLY over exaggerated especially when it comes to shooters. The only area where any controller has any SIGNIFICANT advantage in my opinion is in fighting games and ps3 has the advantage there because of 360 crappy d pad but even that can probably be mastered. The bottom line is stop complaining about the controller real gamers play on any controller. If we went head to head on any game you using 360 contoller and me using ps3 controller i would like to see you prove your advantage against me. Unfortunately there will never be cross platform play between consoles.

I am pretty sure this game is coming to 360 before the end of the yr. Sony just struck some weak deal with ubisoft. If it was truly exclusive to the ps3, i would expect better visuals than what i have seen so far.

princejb1343930d ago

it was suppose to be released for 360 and ps3 but later on ubisoft decided to cancel it for the 360 and make it ps3 exclusive. Don't know why but its stupid in my opinion
hopefully this game lives up to the hype

kewlkat0073930d ago (Edited 3930d ago )

I find it quite amusing, you CANNOT have a preference for certian things in life or your not "Tru" to whatever referenced.

In this case, I'm not a "true gamer" because I can't stand the dualshock for Shooters. Just as, I rather buy my Fighters on my PS3 because of the controller + D-Pad.

Maybe we can duke it out if you have a problem with others "opinions" and "preferences".

..let me guess your more right then the next guy.."Hail the dualshock controller" now is that better..Get a life bro, Gamers have preferneces, "DEAL" with it.

Your Preference/Opinion is just as Valid as mine. Telling me, I have no Valid Complaints...the nerve

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