Xbox 720 Becoming the Wii/Wii U Confusing Mess

VG Republic Writes: Intriguing information about the Xbox 720 surfaced yesterday via VGLeaks, which reported from an anonymous source that the next Xbox system will not be required to be connected to an internet source to function. This is contrary to many reports that the system will need to have a secure connection constantly to work, and also negates the thought of creative director Adam Ortho's Twitter comments about the same issue and his support of it. The other reports that hit the web was that of the upcoming, disk drive-less, Xbox Mini which will be unveiled supposedly around the same time that the next console is shown to the general public will be a key player in the next console as well. We'll come back to this in a moment.

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VirtualKatz1953d ago

It's unfortunate that we are to this point but this is the case and direction the they look to be going. All of it is rumors to this point, but most solid rumors come from some bit of truth.

Jek_Porkins1952d ago (Edited 1952d ago )

Well the most solid rumors are that the DRM thing is something that got confused with the Xbox Mini, and the 720 will not require always online to play games, and it will also play used games.

Honestly, why gamer's always tend to believe the negative right away kind of baffles me, what on earth would Microsoft have to gain by eliminating used games and making their console DRM, which effectively means close to 30 million current 360 owners would be SOL.

There is nothing to be gained, Xbox Live Gold Subscriptions help cancel out the used game issues, and Microsoft doesn't even release digital games the same day they release physically for fear of pissing off retailers, so no way do they alienate themselves from the other consoles, they want to be as similar as possible as far as features and what is/isn't allowed.

TheGrimReaper1952d ago

You've said: [...] and it (720) will also play used games.

"The small-i-fied system (new, driveless 360, priced 150$) will connect to the larger and newer Xbox to enable people to play games from the past generation on the new console. So in other words, Microsoft is hoping consumers will be dumb enough to buy another Xbox 360 without a disk player in it just so they can play 360 games on their new console instead of just keeping your current 360 console and playing the older generation games on it, in conjunction with playing the next-gen games on your new fangled technology."

Honestly, why fans always tend to spin anything until they like it kind of baffles me...


It's about time MS announces the damn thing...
I'm curious which rumours (hardware, software, features etc.) are true -.-"

Jek_Porkins1952d ago (Edited 1952d ago )


Not sure what "spin" you are saying I'm trying to do?

This Xbox Mini is an Xbox 360 and is the rumored $99 Xbox 360 that will compete with Roku and work as a hub so if people choose to play 360 games on their 720's they have the option, honestly I'd love for Sony to come out with something similar, nobody is forcing people to buy it.

Rumor that is wont use DRM

Rumor that it wont block used games

There is a more recent rumor about the used game issue from yesterday.

It's all good, I wouldn't have posted it if I didn't read it myself, it seems that one of these articles was denied from being posted yesterday, not sure why we keep seeing the older rumors instead of the newer more positive one.

TheGrimReaper1952d ago (Edited 1952d ago )

Ohhhhh I've made a big mistake!!!
Sry I've misread "used games" and thought about old gen games...
2:30 am ...
I shouldn't comment at this time!

My deepest apologies to you Jek_Porkins!!!
Everything you've said is true and sounds plausible.

You've answered while I was writing this...
Sry you've had to use your last bubble!
And yes, these rumors keep contradicting themselves. E3 can't come soon enough.

DEATHxTHExKIDx1953d ago

based completely on rumors. My GOD just wait till MS says something official. THEN complain!

Qrphe1952d ago (Edited 1952d ago )

I doubt it since Microsoft will put millions upon millions in advertising to make sure such scenario does not happen. A $200 million dollars campaign resulted in the success of over 20 million Kinect units sold.

2pacalypsenow1952d ago (Edited 1952d ago )

$500 million and 2 years later and no fuc*s are give about the kinect

Software_Lover1952d ago

My family and I use kinect every other day. Fruit Ninja, Kinect Adventures, Netflix, Hole in the Wall. Good humorous fun.

Gaming is not about "being cool" its about having fun. Companies are just looking at different avenues to change the way we game. If they did not, we would still be using the Atari stick. Everything they make is not gonna be a success, just look at all of the different nintendo peripherals, but atleast they try.

ALLWRONG1952d ago

"$500 million and 2 years later and no fuc*s are give about the kinect"

Sony does because they copied it.

Qrphe1952d ago

Except millions of people bought it and proved to be successful. In fact, the Xbox 361 will openly go after that audience.


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