Fan creates an amazing Fallout Monopoly game

Everyone dreams of that perfect present, the one that makes you well up with tears just thinking about it. Well one lucky woman, who just so happens to be a huge fan of the Fallout game franchise, has gotten just this. Her husband, Reddit user XsimonbelmontX has made this amazing Fallout Monopoly game board.

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Chango1956d ago

Meh. Not to be a negative nancy but there's nothing to impressive here. The guy just cuts some cards from what could just be colored construction paper; doesn't seem too thick. The pieces are pretty uninspired. I want to be that guy that realizes 3 hours in, that the banker has been giving a bunch of your money to another player because you both have Nuka Cola pieces and he got confused or some shit. My favorite picture is of the horrible brand of the Fallout logo on the wooden case. It definitely screams "oops" and "let me try to fix this" about 4 times. However, it's all the more questionable as to how this guy has changed the rules of the game yet he's getting off saying it's Monopoly?

1956d ago
TopDudeMan1956d ago

I'll trade you my vault 101 in capital wasteland for your vault 22 in the mojave wasteland.

MilkMan1956d ago

Thats taking your love of a game to new heights.
Great work. That was painstakingly put together, and now you have a TRUE collectors item. A one of kind.

I'm jealous.