Stabbed in the Backlink

Google is the gateway to the internet, it’s how most people find websites, news and interesting coverage. For site owners, it’s a vital source of traffic that can guarantee the life or death of the site – gain the number one slot on Google for an important term and millions of readers will flood in. In the games industry, these important terms include phrases like “PS4 news”, “Xbox 720 news” and “PlayStation news”. - PSLS

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Wedge191958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

These are sad practices for sites to use....

darthv721958d ago

I can get rewards for doing searches.

I gave up on google when i started having issues with typing in a search only to have the link redirect me. once i rid my system of that bug (apptly named google redirect virus) I switched to bing and never went back.

although, when telling someone to "bing it"...just doesnt have the same appeal as saying "google it".

Filthcardia1958d ago

It also came out recently that Bing searches bring up five times as many malicious websites as Google does.

Sev1958d ago

It's true. Google needs to do a better job at finding the quality content to match to the person searching. And instead it just matches whoever has the most backlinks, causing many sites to use shady backlinking practices.

doctorstrange1958d ago

Google def needs to work out a new system

JonnyBigBoss1958d ago

What a joke. TechRadar can DIAF.

ftwrthtx1958d ago

That sucks. The only way to combat this is to try and duplicate their results but with better content.

knifefight1958d ago

It's dog eat dawg on them internets :(

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