Top 5 Fitness Games GFN Wants To See for Next-Gen Consoles

In recent years, fitness games have popularized thanks to the sensor technology found in the Xbox 360, PS3 and Nintnedo Wii. There’s no question that we’ll be seeing fitness video games in the near future as we transition to the next gen consoles.

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Septic1955d ago

Hey you, fitness is important. I just came from the gym an hour ago. I doubt the Kinect could get me as pumped as a gym workout.

It could be good for core exercises or teaching things like boxing techniques etc

BigPete79781955d ago

The Nike Kinect game is actually fantastic. Best fitness game IMO.

iGAM3R-VIII1955d ago

LOL, I know I'm only joking, I do workout

WeAreLegion1955d ago

*Top 5 Xbox Fitness Games GFN Wants To See For Next-Gen Consoles

Fixed it. ^_^