Will Share Button Change Online Gaming for PlayStation?

GamerFitNation: In this interview the Hewitt and BlackBible focus on the PlayStation 4’s new share button and how it could change online gaming for PlayStation.

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iGAM3R-VIII1895d ago

Yes I think it will IMO, once I get the PS4 and if I get it, I will be able to start my future YouTube career :D

Anyway, I think the SHARE button is a great addition to that sexy beast controller. I will definetly change gaming in the long run. It even help developers as well

cayleee1895d ago (Edited 1895d ago )

Hell yea share button will be awesome man. Once i get the DS4 for my PC.

Ill hotkey the share button to my favorite porn site.

Lol people disagreeing i wont be doing that :P

FlameBaitGod1895d ago

People didn't get ur sarcasm

cayleee1895d ago

I wasnt being sarcastic :p

I really will do it. Having a share button as a shortcut to my fav porn is priceless good job Sony for once.

MaxXAttaxX1895d ago

The Share and Options button replace the Select and Start button. Meaning you could have done this with any other controller that has a Select and Start button and your comment is pointless.

Please stay away from PS4 articles. You PC fans have been trolling nonstop.

colonel1791895d ago

If they do it right and deliver on their promises along the way, yes. Otherwise, no.

Droidbro1895d ago

No, it won't. The share button is what you call a gimmick. Just look at the HTC Facebook phone that came out awhile back. That had a Facebook button that was used to share stuff faster. Don't remember that being revolutionary.

HiddenMission1894d ago

Yeah i dont think you really are a core gamer who is part of gaming culture or communities.

Here is why Youtube lets plays and live streaming gaming is huge and a multimillion dollar generating business. The issue though has always been you need a pc, capture device, camera, editing software and most importantly time to do everything.

With the PS4 all this changes with a press of a button...and its that simple. Being able to share content and connect with other gamers will be more accessable than ever before.

You calling it a gimmick shows your own ignorance on the subject matter.

boing11894d ago (Edited 1894d ago )

Yes, it will. Can't talk much about it but PlayStation gamers are in for a treat.

Navick1894d ago

Droid... What r u smokin? How are u comparing a phone that is competing with dozens of other phones to a system that will be 1 of 3? That's your first mistake. Your second mistake is comparing a share button on a phone, which allows you to access something (Facebook) that can already be accessed with ease on almost every phone on the market to a share button on a console, which allows you to do something that has never been done on a console b4.... Share your glory, glitches, downfall and best/worst moments with not only your friends but the world. Again, what are you smoking?

Droidbro1892d ago

So you're saying the only core gamers are the fraction of a percent who post videos on youtube? The people who do that don't do it because they're core gamers, they do it for money. I'm not saying it's not cool, it's just not going to change online gaming significantly. This is the same reason the kinect is a gimmick. It has cool uses (UI control, video chat) but I never use it for playing games.
The weed ;)

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PRHB HYBRiiD1895d ago

Anyone of you guys know if u can browse the internet without having to go to the dashboard on PS4??

DFresh1894d ago

You Tube is not stable and won't be around forever.
Get a Career and do the You Tube thing as a hobby because trust me that stuff won't last.

avengers19781894d ago

Please share responsible... I can't wait to get my hands on the PS4 and KZSF but I will only share awesome stuff... And I hope others do the same... I don't want to see your mediocre gaming skills or accomplishments... Just keep in mind everything you do is not epic.
I hope psn account and plus account transfer over to PS4

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GalacticEmpire1895d ago

The share button has the potential to be revolutionary.

It's innovation through convenience, something that has made Apple very rich indeed. I can see it becoming a staple for all consoles from here on out.

Snookies121895d ago

My thoughts exactly, it's so simple, yet so revolutionary. I've wanted this since I saw that the PS3 version of Just Cause 2 had an auto-record setting for videos. It's like that, but for every game... That makes me extremely happy. :]

GribbleGrunger1895d ago (Edited 1895d ago )

The promotional aspects of the 'share' button shouldn't be underestimated either. And of course, aspiring TV presenters can 'cut their teeth' with the feature too.

chaos-lockheart1895d ago

No it is not revolutionary, it's Legend Wait for it.....DARY!!!

KingKelloggTheWH1895d ago

I don't know if I'll use it,but I know we will be getting thousands of new "lets play" videos.

chaos-lockheart1895d ago

lol, I'm sure your itchy fingers will press it a few times.

KingKelloggTheWH1895d ago

probably XD
I do love screen caps

andrewer1895d ago

Prepare for that fanboy wave of disagrees my son...
Btw, lol yeah

LackTrue4K1895d ago

just like in real life, people that don't share don't have friends.

Letros1895d ago

That was the best you could come up with?

clintos591895d ago (Edited 1895d ago )

Never seen anything like it before so yes it has potential to be revolutionary. Innovative written all over that 1 button. Going to be an awesome feat for the ps4. Cant wait to see more at e3.

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