Nvidia’s Project Shield on schedule for Q2 release, but details scarce

GamesBeat's Dean Takahashi reports on Nvidia CEO's comments about how Project Shield is on schedule. And check out the video demo of PC games running on Shield.

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Tolkoto1841d ago

At least Project Shield is a cool name.

Letros1841d ago

If they can get it to work over wifi while I'm not home I could see myself using it, but I don't see the point in playing my PC on a small screen in another room...with a controller.

hellvaguy1841d ago

Since this is a portable gaming device, maybe you should be asking yourself how will you get your desktop + monitor to work while in your car or on the go in general.

Letros1841d ago

Umm that's just what I said, if they can get it to play PC games out of the home network I may consider it, don't really care about Android games they're trash.

hellvaguy1841d ago

No actually that not what you said at all. Dude Ill spell it out for you. it's meant to be played while not at home.

Ok see you are at home now. When you are not here, then you could use portable device. Just not here, because here is home, where your at right home.

Letros1841d ago

You have NO clue how this thing works do you?

It streams a PC game from your desktop over your home wifi-network only.

It also can play Android games, Wooo Angry Birds with a controller!

If Nvidia can integrate their GRID system into this then I'll consider buying it.

Software_Lover1841d ago

I think I'm just gonna get a surface pro so I can play some Old Republic at work, lol.

Letros1841d ago

Yea, I'm waiting for Haswell, then probably picking up a Surface Pro

Bathyj1841d ago

I wonder if this device will catch any backlash from all that apparent console bashing Nvidia has done lately.

1841d ago
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