Heavy Rain Dev Talks About Potential Interest in Multiplayer

In a recent interview with EGM, Quantic Dream’s David Cage expressed strong interest in exploring multiplayer in a less conventional fashion.

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BitbyDeath1896d ago

Will be interesting if he can pull this off.
This is what nextgen should be about.

games3331896d ago

I just want them to Focus on the Single player. But if it's something unique I'm all for it.

b_one1896d ago

QD wants to make some sort of multiplayer where you are a host and someone is ghost that resides "in you"... and you act together or something like that... i would name it Coop, but hell i dont know what do they want to do...maybe they dont know it too and those are experimnents only.

Thatguy-3101896d ago

Wouldn't be surprised if they tackle down multiplayer in a similar way ThatGameCompany did with Journey.

Dlacy13g1896d ago

I suppose they could do something similar to Dark Souls... allow other users to place hints or clues in your world? Or even come in as a ghostly image to help solve puzzles in a Journey kind of way. You don't know who it is, you cant communicate outside of some kind of sound or vibration?

Or just make a horde mode. lol

NBT911896d ago

Hmmm think I would want a mutliplayer that doesn't intertwine with the singleplayer to be honest. These games are supposed to be interactive stories of sorts and having another player interfere with your story like that?
I dunno....

I mean imagine if Heavy Rain had something like that, everyone would have the same ending with the other people online guiding them through the same path. Where it works in things like Jounrey where there is a linear goal to head to, it takes away from the individuality of something like HR. I think.

Leave it to Quantic Dreams though, I'm sure whatever they are planning with online gameplay will be genius. Either that or they make another Modern / near future war FPS

unchartedxplorer1896d ago

It would be really cool if they gave you the ability to make decisions that would affect other players playing. It would be really complicated and a lot of work, but it'll be amazing if it turned out well

pissed9991896d ago

A big pretentious hack who mades sub-par ADVENTURE games.

EdoubleD1896d ago

Buddy, you have something on your face.

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