Injustice: Gods Among Us Batman Beyond Skin

Alex: "With only 5 days of Injustice: Gods Among Us being released, NetherRealm Studios have released various trailers, a new TV Spot and a sneak peek of a Batman Beyond skin players can unlock. The final characters joining the on-disc roster are Ares and Killer Frost and what better way to see their skills in action with a combat trailer?"

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onyoursistersback1379d ago

That is some bull 5hit, for you to unlock the skin. You have to unlock it form the iOS game.
In other words its DLC

DTxx1379d ago

Dont bother me i have a i phone.

My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante1379d ago

Meh. This will be a rental for me. I liked MK9 enough to platinum it and wanted to like this game but I hate all the separate promotions they have out there for you to get the complete game (which I'm sure they'll over as DLC which is bad enough). Not to mention that this game will see even less playtime due to next-gen consoles (since this game isn't on PC). They should've just delayed it until next gen where the community could grow.

Rai1379d ago

these batman beyond costumes looks so ugly...the buff design doesnt work for batman beyond.

peterthomas61379d ago

Anything to squeeze another dime from you. :)