‘Dragon Age 3’ developer responds to lack of new details criticism

Bioware’s Blair Brown has responded to a fan criticism in regards to the lack of new details for the upcoming multiplatform video game, “Dragon Age 3: Inquisition.”

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Dark111588d ago

"We are not 'afraid"

well you should be , because The Witcher 3 is coming.

Roccetarius1588d ago

I think Bioware is very afraid, because it's all an uphill battle for them.

Blacktric1588d ago

"We decide when we are ready to reveal information (not EA), which is not yet, we are waiting for the perfect moment to blow everyone away. We are not 'afraid'."

>to blow everyone away

They really think they can make an amazing game after all these years and after all the crap they failed to deliver, don't they... It's just sad.

My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante1588d ago

The Witcher games are terrible. Dragon Age has nothing to fear from that mediocrity.

Baka-akaB1588d ago

So basically your schtick is to be the harbinger of bad taste and some forum version of "bizarro" ? Ok , cool then .

Eamon1588d ago

It's ironic for the guy who loves DmC to call the Witcher series terrible.

Salooh1588d ago

Why not enjoy both?. I will instead of trolling and fighting. But i'm gonna get disagrees for not siding with one game. People just like to complain. -.-

On topic, Hope it's more like the first game in story aspect. The gameplay need something exciting and challenging. I hated the gameplay in origin..

anticlimax1588d ago

I'll disagree, but simply because I loved the gameplay in Origins (isometric, tactical, not to action-y).

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1588d ago
CourierSix1586d ago

And? The Witcher fans will play TW3 and Dragons Age fans will play DA3. True DA fans will stick to DA, as I assume you will stick to TW.

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NYC_Gamer1588d ago

I won't be tricked again by Bioware.

US8F1588d ago

What you gonna do when the witcher 3 runs over you( dragon age ). Ever since they joined EA, bioware stopped making quality, and concentrated on gimmicks. I hope I'm really wrong though, how I love DA:O and how I hated DA 2

Heisenburger1588d ago

I read that all in the voice of Hulk Hogan.

Thank you.


MidnytRain1588d ago

I totally forgot this game existed.

Summons751588d ago

Well Bioware until you release a gameplay trailer showing you kept your promises then you have to take criticism like a man. You ruined mass effect (and not just the ending) da 2 was a complete joke. And your handling the feed back of both was greatly unprofessional. Show us you changed your ways back to when they were good and gamers will accept you again. Break your promises and keep lying to us and you will hear about it until doomsday, simple fact of any creative medium.

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The story is too old to be commented.